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Information: The New Breed/Metahumans

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Information: The New Breed/Metahumans

Post  Maxim Jensen on Wed Jul 25, 2012 9:47 am


With batches and almost vats filled with the leftover Children serum, Typhon didn't really want to waste it or put it in hands where it could be manipulated, so after the escape, they re-synthesised a large majority of it to work faster and created new metahumans. With a simple adjustment they allowed it to be applied to younger forms to work as the Children serum was supposed to, but without the two decade incubation phase. As such, this new breed of metahumans were near-identical to the original Children.

However, the serum, due to some scientists' shady natures, has been distributed over a minor market and can be found illegally in a number of places. Whilst it hasn't yet surfaced publically and properly and in a market high enough to be near-catastrophic, the new breed of metahumans have begun to crop up over the last few months - and they're appearing in dozens. Usually dubbed biological anomalies or illusionists, they manage to go unnoticed, and none as of yet have attempted to make their powers public. However, with Typhon hot on their tails, it's really only a matter of time.

NOTES: It's a little less dramatic, but the new breed of metahumans is an alternative to playing the Children but with regular characters and a go-between from T2/T3 militants and the Children themselves. It also doesn't demand the same levels of activity that playing a canon position like the Children does, but they command less importance plot-wise, so, are really just a less-stressful alternative. They're maybe a touch less potent and stable given the long incubation the Children have suffered, and will substitute in when all of the Children positions are actively filled.


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