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Information: The Children

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Information: The Children

Post  Maxim Jensen on Thu Jul 19, 2012 9:11 am


Formed as part of the Descendants Program, the Children were the Typhon Corporation's first foray into bioengineering. Had things not gone wrong, they would have been the golden fruits of their labours, and quickly become the world's first superhumans. Initially designed to work in two teams of twelve, from within which they'd split into three squads of four, each team was to be headed up by one of the young, prodigal Jensen twins, the parents of which were the children of two Typhon executives, Payton and Maria Jensen.

The Children numbered twenty-four, orphans and street urchins no-one cared about swept away and dropped straight into the program, the basis of which was in the Tartarus Facility in the furthest reaches of the Mojave Desert. Their minds were erased, and their bodies incubated so for twenty years, these children of various ages grew within test tubes, branded only with numbers, and let out once every few months to instil basic training and ensure all mental faculties were there.

The bioengineering came during adolescence for each child. An identical serum was injected into the bloodstreams of all twenty four, each branded with a letter of the Greek alphabet, and the serums' effects were allowed to manifest. Slowly, more and more, the Children were allowed out of their tanks at different intervals to experiment with their different manifestations; clairvoyance, necromancy, pyrokinesis... each power was different, and each a new promising avenue of scientific research.

The program was running ahead of schedule, up until the year of 2013. Due to the ethical concerns of their work, Typhon had some scientists whose morals were... somewhat shaken by what they witnessed. A team went defective, and in the process of attempting to spring the incubating individuals, most were shot; but the damage was done. A single bullet pierced the test tube of Maxim Jensen, the twin, one of the two would-be team leaders, and the incubation fluid keeping him dormant slowly seeped out as the security staff reported the incident and returned to their posts. From within, Max waited until the time was right; the latches hissed open, and he went forth and flicked the 'Disengage' switch on every one of the twenty-three other tubes.

Some of the Children resented Typhon for what they did, and joined Maxim in his escape. Others sided with them, greedy, and wishing to know more of their powers. Some simply escaped, wishing to live a normal life... all twenty-four Children are out there now, regardless.

PLEASE NOTE: A limit of one of the Children per user is imposed, to allow everyone a fair chance. If not - just go for an augmented militant. These are given free reign just as much. ^_^
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