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Information: The Executioners

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Information: The Executioners

Post  Maxim Jensen on Thu Jul 19, 2012 9:27 am


When a majority of the Children escaped from Tartarus, it became a poignant issue for Typhon, one that they immediately began attempts to solve. However, for a special kind of prey, Typhon knew they would need a special kind of predator. The Executioners. Humans blended with animal DNA, and each given a codename. Typhon's Executioner program has been vastly more successful, with mass-production over two years splitting the Executioners into a number of different tiers.

Executioners themselves are fashioned using fertilised embryos obtained from abortion clinics all across the country on Typhon's long payroll. These embryos are incubated using special Typhon technology and grown from that state to a full adult form in six weeks inside a test tube. In the last few hours of incubation, a link is made to the Executioner's brain and 'programs' are implanted; weaponry handling, CQC, basic survivalism instincts, and Tier One are implanted with a hive-mind network system. The program itself can go wrong, and a lot of Executioners end up coming out physically or mentally deformed or scarred (Typhon still send them out into the field if they can hold a gun), but for the most part, Executioners can be made, produced, and utilised on the cheap. Tiers 2 and 3 less so, however.

Executioners are assigned codenames and aliases to use (usually simplistic), but are classified usually by a 5-digit serial number. If you'd like to, this serial number can be your Executioner character's name.


Tier One executioners are mass-produced and the bread-and-butter of hunters for Typhon. They have minor enhanced physical attributes, and wear sunglasses and trenchcoats to cover their marred forms. Executioners at T1 are extraordinarily pale, and usually carry a pistol or knife alongside their claws and tracking ability. They're usually dispatched in packs, and each pack of anywhere from 3 to 20 has a hive-mind system to allow for simultaneous tracking of each other's base feelings, but not an intense ability to read thoughts. For more information, ask Maxim Jensen on this matter.

There are, however, Executioners that break the mold, even at T1, and are allowed to operate single-handedly and are given weapons at their own discretion and Typhon funding. These are probably more attractive to play, and clock in at Primary-level initially, though their strength and ability pool increases dramatically with each level.

Typhon control well over 50,000 Executioners.


Similarly augmented to the other level on Tier Two, Elite Executioners will fuck you right up. Their animalistic traits are now accentuated further, even with facial or bodily hair for mammals, and skin resembling scales for reptiles and amphibians, etc.

These guys can break bones with punches, and are usually only sent out in pairs, but will become more expendable as the story goes on. They don't have the same hive mind system, but most are ex-military and have the training to be lethal. They're excellent stalkers and tend to wear discreet, spook-like clothing, usually coats and suits. They clock in at Primary-level initially, though their strength and ability pool increases dramatically with each level.

Typhon control well over 10,000 Elite Executioners.


Executioner Commanders are pretty damn nasty. Now almost completely primal, only able to muster short sentences, if that, their IQ has been traded off in favour of physical attributes. These guys can climb mountains without breaking a sweat, and are typically not given weapons. They have toggled 'pure' forms, which are triggered my thought and adrenaline, and they usually turn into a grotesque imitation of a human, except with animalistic attributes (so, were-x, where x is the name of the animal). They clock in at Secondary-level initially, though their strength and ability pool increases dramatically with each level.

Executioner Commanders almost never go out into the field with weaponry or equipment, and can crush skulls like cans underfoot. They're deadly fast, and usually work alone, or heading off a group of T2 Executioners. Note: Executioner Commanders cannot be played as your first character.

Typhon control around 500 Executioner Commanders.
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