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Information: Originators

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Information: Originators

Post  Maxim Jensen on Thu Jul 19, 2012 9:50 am


Whilst having their own politics and dynamics, the Originators, as the name would suggest, are actually the guys who toyed with us, the original six scientists, to create what we are now. They have surging through their blood an earlier sample of the serum, thinking that they'd need it to capture the rest of the Children; however, after assembling the Typhon Children known today, they mainly sit up in one of the many Typhon complexes, and work their magic trying to create an ideal environment to see the Children in action, and trying to reclaim those lost. Simply put: they have abilities that far outrank those of the Children at any stage.

They number six and are deadly smart, rich, and powerful, requiring at least five Final-level Children to pool their abilities to take them down for good. They are ultimately headed by Zeus, but each takes their own path and heads off an individual sector of Typhon, having ascended to chief executive status each over years of working for the company proper.

Information on the Originators is thus far limited, but as the plot progresses, more will swiftly come to light.

There are six Originators: Zeus (Payton Jensen), Hades (Solomon Gale), Hera (Maria Jensen), Ares (???), Demeter (???), and Athena (???).
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