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Information: Plot

Post  Gabriel Jensen on Fri Jul 20, 2012 8:00 am


The year is 2015, and the human race is thriving in ways it never had before. Disease, war, hunger, poverty, and crime are all still very real problems, but it seems for the first time in decades that mankind is actually looking forward to a brighter future. In science and technology, our race has found a new savior. At the forefront of this new age are six men and women, scientists of unfathomable intellect, who comprise the head of a group known as Typhon.

The Typhon Corporation sprang up from seemingly nowhere just a few years ago, promising mankind a new tomorrow with the miracle of genetic engineering. Drawing on a seemingly endless supply of resources, they were able to reach breakthroughs in medicine that seemed decades out of reach. Indeed, it appeared on the surface as if Typhon had come as a gift from the gods.

There were those who were suspicious however, and as time went on it became clear that their suspicions may have had some solid foundation. Typhon’s “projects” became increasingly kept behind closed doors, and were guarded with the highest security. No one knew what they were planning, until the day it all fell apart. The incident, they called it. A small group of test subjects, who Typhon had claimed were willing volunteers, got their hands on some weapons and blasted their way out of one of the company’s most prominent research hubs. The Tartarus Facility, as it was called, was shut down and abandoned in the wake of controversy. Typhon did their best to cover it up, and to a large extent they succeeded. The damage had been done however, and an increasing awareness of the company’s more questionable practices went on the rise.

The incident was in fact a mass escape attempt of a group of test subjects known as the Children. Given fantastic and oftentimes terrible abilities as a result of repeated modification of their bodies, the Children were meant to be Typhon’s crowning achievement. Instead, they have become their biggest liability. Nobody knows why the Children were created, but assumptions can easily be made.

At present, Typhon is still as powerful as it has ever been, if not nursing a somewhat bruised reputation. As might be suspected, they were none too happy with the situation that unfolded. The escaped subjects, operating as a unit called Gaia, are now dogged by Typhon’s private army. Gaia’s members seek to unite their brothers and sisters, the remaining Children, under one banner. Typhon’s motives remain unclear, but one can only imagine what sinister plans the company has hatched.
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