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~Lesser of the Two?~

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~Lesser of the Two?~

Post  Guido Esposito on Fri Aug 03, 2012 4:30 am

(~( Posting order is as follows: Guido -> Sofia -> Jasmine -> Ash -> Thaddeus)~)

Guido glanced behind him as he zipped along. Phew... He didn't see any attempt to give chase by the girl. Perhaps she was a bit frightened after he slew her companion. Not many people enjoyed a wrecking ball to the chest. Nevertheless, he pressed on, down a lonely street. Gunning the bike still, he pulled up on the handlebars as he came to set of stairs, leading up into a city park. Flying off the makeshift ramp a bit as he carried on, he too the shioortcut straight through, and at that point, he saw some more activity to the distant right; a pair of people, or perhaps a single person, he couldn't tell from the distance and the angulature of the Sun. Whoever, whatever, it or they could be, the figure was disturbing. Out of place. The roads were still a bit empty, and these people shouldn't be there. He'd stopped the bike to look at them, scrutinizing who they were and why they were there, but then revved the motor and sped off to the left, heading Northwest of them, and North of his female friend, the one who'd been at his door. He had to get away... Had to get out of this place... Hmm... El Salvador. Yes, El Salvador was his destination. Or perhaps Tibet? The high mountains of the Himalayas... He could hide there. Perhaps Tokyo? Hiding in a big city was easy enough... As he drove, he barely noticed the dead end he'd landed in, as he hit the brakes, and began to turn the bike around...


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Re: ~Lesser of the Two?~

Post  Sofia Petrovin on Thu Aug 23, 2012 4:01 pm


Sleek. Powerful. Controlled. Astride the great blue beast that sat beneath her, the woman felt like she had all the power in the world, simply at her fingertips. Deep blue eyes were narrowed tightly, hidden behind a dark shroud in order to protect her from flying dust. The loud roar of the sports engine escaped from beneath her body; the jeans on her legs holding up tightly against the heat as the sound of air rushed past her head, long brown locks of hair blowing out behind her as if it were the cape that superhero would wear. She had been iffy about this. A country, completely untouched by Typhon. It could've been a trap, anything. However, she had succumbed already. It was waved in front of her, quite easily. The Hunt was too powerful, too alluring. It pulled her in, called for her, slid its long and soft fingers across her face in a teasing move. So she had to follow, no matter what. So follow, Sofia did.

He pulled his own bike up a flight of stairs, leading straight up to a park. Having committed a lot of the area of Auckland's CBD to memory, she had to quickly assume that this was Albert Park. She had left Queen Street, the main street of this city, behind her and continued to chase him quickly, though she couldn't take the stairs. Turning the motorcycle quickly to the left, she decided to head down Bowen Ave., making sure that she used this street to her advantage--she would quickly and methodically cut off her prey without a second thought, making sure to use the rifle strapped to her back to take out his back tyre--it would injure him quite badly, but they had good doctors back in Lisbon. If anything, it would at least keep him alive, especially if it ended up being a certain group of idiots (that we all know and hate) getting close enough. She could fight off a few members of Typhon, as long as they weren't Originators. Then again, why would Originato--cutting off her thoughts, Sofia would quickly turn her bike sharply, leaning downwards into a slide. A truck had pulled in front of her--a last second slide would take her underneath the truck and out the other side, falling quickly and harshly off of the bike. A red stain would be noticed on her left arm's white material--it looked like nothing more than a graze, really. Biting her bottom lip, Sofia noticed the black-haired male rushing down Princes Street, exactly where she'd hoped to cut him off. Sighing, the bike was quickly pulled up and set off on once more.

Quickly following him, a turn left was taken onto Shortland Street, before turning right onto Queen Street once more, blasting off down the large hill that denoted this street. Shops after shops blasted past Sofia's vision, with the occasional straggler and homeless person taking a strange look at the pair of speeding motorcyclists. Sofia wasn't aware of the position of the other parties that were supposedly nearby, but she was certainly on her guard about it. However, the end seemed nigh--and as this man drove himself straight into the Ferry Terminal, she slowed down to a stop. It was a dead end. All that was in front of him was ocean. All that was to his sides was ocean. There was no escape, however Sofia would have to make sure of that completely. The roar of the motorcycle's engine died down to a quiet hum as she rolled in to meet the black-haired man turning his cycle around. No later than what could only be called a split second, the rifle was taken off of her back and raised up to her shoulder, pointed directly for the front tyre of his cycle. A trigger was pulled, and a bullet fired. It was up to luck now, whether or not it hit that wheel. She was certain that she would not miss.

{ For your general perusal and idea of path taken. Sorry if I skewed your post a little, Jay, I was trying to get you into a dead end that I know about. Still works, mostly. XD }

{Also, Kume, Sofia's completely immersed in the hunt, so she's generally focused on what's in front of her. I'm not trying to ignore Jasmine or not actually recognize that she's there.}


Sofia is fluent in Russian, English and Germanic.
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