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Information: Typhon Militants

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Information: Typhon Militants

Post  Maxim Jensen on Thu Jul 19, 2012 9:43 am


Typhon controls a HUGE military force of well over 100,000 men. 70,000 of these are a mixed number of multinational independent PMC contractors, but the remaining 30,000 are home-grown and well-developed individuals that are feared for their Spetsnaz-class training and insane ability. Like Executioners, these too can be played, and are split into three tiers.

All militants, tier regardless, come in three-four varieties. You've got standard Troopers, who wear armour, helmets, and usually carry a rifle and a sidearm. Hunters, who are elite commandos, trained to blend in and take us out at close-combat, usually with martial arts or knives. Sweepers, who use shotguns and have significantly more armour, and Heavies, who hit around six-seven feet tall and have armoured suits, as well as grenade launchers, miniguns... something damaging.

Please note: Playing a Typhon Militant does not AUTOMATICALLY mean you must be part of a squadron. A lot of militants are allowed freedom in their assignments in team, and especially Tiers 2 and 3 are treated as non-expendable elite units sent into the fray with minimal back-up should they request it. Basically: if you want to play a Typhon Militant, don't fret about HAVING to join an outfit or platoon. You can still play as you want when you want. ^_^


Typhon has a lot of power and pull at their disposal. As such, they've drafted almost an entire PMC group into their ranks; these guys are considered highly expendable, and it's presumed that over six to seven bases, Typhon control, so long as they keep the cash flowing, these guys as the bulk of their forces.

They have intense training; refer to the list above for base 'classes' of Typhon's militants. Player-character variants may deviate from these molds, as I accept that they're a little restricting. Typhon Militants begin at Primary-level, and are the only class that gain nothing from levelling up. You have been warned.

Typhon control around 20,000 of these standard militants.


Augmented militants have been injected with serums that allow them to run faster, jump higher, and lift more. This brings them just about to the point of Olympian fitness, and as such, they're usually considered nowhere near as expendable. They are each elite tacticians, but actually function on a hive-like network within a squad, being able to share a VERY basic variant of each others' feelings, similar to T1 Executioners, for synchronicity; one man can know when another is wounded and the like. This works automatically and cannot be triggered individually, and for some individuals (namely P.U.R.G.E. members) it isn't triggered or implanted in the first place. The hive-mind's most important feature is undoubtedly the ability to track other members, or at least have an understanding of where others are in relation to themselves through neural implants.

Alongside this, T2 militants have been injected with a variant serum to that which the Children were injected with, allowing them to manifest powers almost immediately after the serum is accepted. There would be more, except for the fact that the manifestation process is INCREDIBLY painful, short-term, and kills off 30% of candidates, so candidacy is a little dangerous. However, if the militant survives, he or she gains a power, similar to the Children, alongside their insane levels of physical fitness and the hive-mind. However, these powers are LESS POWERFUL than the Children, with a Final-level T2 Militant being outclassed by a Final-level member of the Children.

Augmented militants come in the same flavours as typical PMC units, but usually pack a punch, and are only really dropped in groups of three or four. They're typically headed off by a Squad Sergeant (SSgt), but Captains (Cpt) are around. Alongside this, they're usually armoured with flak jackets and kneepads, and good old helmets. Augmented militants begin at Primary-level, but they gain a new Aspect of their power with each level, and increase in strength. The existence of these Augmented Militants is largely kept a secret, and their powers regulated on penalty of death.

Typhon control about 9,000 of these augmented militants.


Descendant militants are far stronger in every way than T2 Militants, and work alone, no longer bearing the hive-mind traits, regarded as ELITE units that are non-expendable. They have been injected with a highly-advanced variant of the T2 Militant serum, which has a 65% mortality rate. However, this serum also makes them twice as physically apt as the T2 Militants, and gives them powers that are of exactly the same strength and concentration as the Children's. The existence of these Descendant Militants is largely kept a secret, and their powers regulated on penalty of death.

To put it simply: the T3 Militants are the best of the best. A combination of enhanced physicality, Children-tier manifestations, and their own, personally-crafted weaponry and armour straight from Typhon's elite armourers make them the ultimate anti-Children measure and the last line of padded defense for any insurgent forces - and the reason Typhon's just as well regarded as a security company. Descendant militants begin at Primary-level, but they gain a new Aspect of their power with each level, and increase in strength. Note: Descendant Militants cannot be played as your first character.

Typhon control about 1,000 of these Descendant Militants.
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