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Petrovin, Sofia

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Petrovin, Sofia

Post  Sofia Petrovin on Sat Jul 21, 2012 7:35 pm


”You do not understand. I cannot help you if you do not understand.”


Sofia Yadoslav Petrovin




Phi (Φ)




Not exactly tall, Sofia stands at a seemingly-unimposing 5'4" (163cm) with a relatively slender body shape to go with it. That said, she's not quite in proportion to her height, somewhat-large breasts sitting outwards on her chest and seeming to disturb the otherwise perfectly-aerodynamic body of the woman. The pale flesh of her face is framed by strands of long brown hair, reaching down to the small of her back and ending there. Upon her face is a pair of bright blue eyes, curiously looking at everything within its reaches and moving constantly.

Normally, when in general day-to-day clothing, one will see Sofia wearing long brown pants with a pale blue turtleneck jumper. This is, of course, when she's just casually sitting around (which is rare). If she is outside and not heading towards combat, she wears a red dress, with a brown, long-sleeved undershirt and stockings with boots. Finally, in combat operations, she changes her style completely. Her skirt and stockings are replaced with a pair of rather form-fitting jeans (somewhat ripped), tied off with a brown belt. Her shirt over top is white and sleeveless, with two tails hanging out of the back and a zip down the centre.

Matron: When out of battle or free from the thralls of the hunt, Sofia is one of the kindest individuals within Gaia. Believing that life deserves to be nurtured, she acts as if everything has a piece in the grander scale of the world, so everything must be kept. This can, unfortunately, lead her to be rather easily-manipulated and have her kindness taken advantage of by those who would rather see the world burn. Easily taking care of the cooking and general upkeeping of the morales of the soldiers, she seems to act more like a housemaid than an actual soldier or even one of the Children. Of course, this was all in her programming--as was the other piece of her. Manipulated specifically to be almost like a mother to the rest of the Children, she has been given multiple states of mind involving them--whether she needs to tell them off or anything of the sort, it will always be in this motherly tone.

Of course, this kindness doesn't just extend to the Children. As long as one doesn't present themselves as a threat in this woman's eyes, she will be as kind to them as she would the others around her. She values every living thing, be they human, animal or even plant. Taking care of those that have been entrusted to her, she will do what she can where she can to make their lives easier. Unfortunately, this does mean that, at times, she needs to back away and let others do the work--her own abilities occasionally make it completely and totally impossible for her to be able to assist in any way. This can hurt her mentally, deepening the rift between the Matron and the Huntress.

Huntress: However kind she may be, Sofia's mentality completely does a 180 when her programming as the Huntress takes over. As soon as she is put into a working mindset, she immediately becomes more and more ruthless, stopping at nothing to take down her opponents, or to capture her target (whether dead or alive). There are multiple ways she can be thrust into the mind of the Huntress, though the most known one is the protection of her Children--a mother who can't bear to lose them. Otherwising that, it's when she's given a hunting assignment. She pulls out all the stops--her footwork and skill with weapons show almost a lifetime of training, yet she doesn't seem to act the age required for such a thing. She speaks fewer words, putting more meaning into what she says, and her actions are all deliberate and focussed completely on taking down her target.

Keep in mind, however, that this isn't a second personality, or some sort of Bipolar Disorder. Instead, this is just as much a part of Sofia's entire personality as the Matron is--she can simply shift her focus between the two. It's even possible for there to be leakage of the two personalities, where she takes upon herself traits of both at once--this is useful for sudden attacks and the like.

What do you do when a man you don't know frees you from a prison that's all you've ever known? Well, you go with him, obviously. At least, this was the thought that seemingly ran through Sofia Petrovin's head when the canister that she had been trapped in for god-knows-how-many years was opened. Of course, due to her specific positioning, she had been given more days free. More training, more worldly understanding. However, the exchange for that was a second chamber. For three months, Sofia would be soaked in a chamber of red fluids. These fluids would affect her personality, changing her into the perfect hunter. After those three months she would be released, trained for a week and then put into a chamber of blue fluids. In this, her personality was modified again, turning her into more of a motherly figure. It was about halfway through the motherly tank months when she was freed, so her immediate response was to gather up as many of the Children as she could and take them away from this cold and cruel place, the Huntress completely hidden from her mind.

However, just because something is hidden does not mean that it's completely gone.

As they escaped from the laboratories in which they were born, they found themselves on the run from multiple... creatures. Not understanding anything but the threat, the Huntress took over, Sofia turning into someone to protect her family. Drawing out a sword that she had picked up in her rush, she lunged and attacked without haste. She would quickly cut down the beings that gave chase--no match for her already-superior skills. Turning back to run alongside her new-found comrades, she found herself barrelling through terrain that she had only seen out windows or through screens. This world was completely and totally new to this woman. She needed a way to survive, and what better way than to follow this person who had freed her? Taking in this understanding, Sofia was quick to allow herself to be taken in by this man known as Alpha, and stood in the background as Gaia was formed. She would be the one to Hunt their enemies, no matter the cost. She could've gone up in the ranks, taken on a command position. But she never chose to. She didn't want such a burden.

It's been two years now. Strange, how time flies...





-Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant
-Highly Skilled Swordswoman
-Dead-Eye Shot
-Extremely Quick and Agile
-High Reserves of Stamina


-Low Endurance to Pain
-Low Endurance to Wounds
-Low Physical Attack Strength
-Can't be Healed with Healing Abilities
-Can't be Augmented with Support Abilities
-Sometimes Kind to a Fault
-Conversely, can become too immersed in the hunt


Negation: In the simplest terms, Sofia negates the abilities of others that try to use them against her. There is no real easy way to properly explain how this goes, further from the idea of 'negation', however it could be said that her own energies act as an antithesis to everything and anything that makes up the abilities of others. When her own energy collides, it acts as if it were antimatter, completely distorting and removing the ability itself. For some reason, however, this only works on abilities brought about through engineering--it can't negate natural artifices.

Primary: Shattered Illusion; Broken Promise - In her Primary stage of power, Sofia's entire body body (at a distance of approximately 5 nanometres) has a layer of her own energy, constantly moving and pulsating. This layer of energy will completely cancel out any sort of ability that comes in contact with it. If she is touched by a being who has changed their physical state, then that state will be cancelled and the being will be returned to normal. If it is a ranged ability, then it will be cancelled from a distance, so on and so forth. This makes Sofia, for the most part, immune to the abilities of other Children and those others who have been additionally augmented. However, there is a weakness to this in that it also cancels out that which would be beneficial to her--those who would augment her additionally with support-based abilities would have no use against her, meaning that she has only her physical limits to deal with. This ability also includes touching objects that have been manipulated by the powers of others, and will cancel out whatever is within.

However, because of the passiveness of this ability, Sofia gains an additional ability for use--this is mostly aesthetic, and really has no use other than looking cool at the time. By holding her hands out in front of her, Sofia can create an array of multiple magic circles that act in exactly the same way as general negation. This is generally a psychological warfare ability, simply used to scare anyone who thinks they have an advantage.

Sofia is fluent in Russian, English and Germanic





[b]MAHO TSUKAI NO YORU[/b] – [i]Aozaki Aoko[/i]

Sofia Petrovin
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Re: Petrovin, Sofia

Post  Dante Noel on Sat Jul 21, 2012 7:42 pm


The huntress has permission to start her hunt!! Dont forget to add your languages to your siggy~~~
Dante Noel
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