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van de Bron, Foreman "Dutch" Empty van de Bron, Foreman "Dutch"

Post  Dutch on Sat Jul 21, 2012 8:49 am


van de Bron, Foreman "Dutch" 25582kj van de Bron, Foreman "Dutch" 25582kj van de Bron, Foreman "Dutch" 25582kj

”Oh, I am sorry, but that's the sound of me not GIVING a fook..”


Foreman van de Bron/"Dutch".

46 years old.





van de Bron, Foreman "Dutch" Pmcuni10



Dutch has a fair complexion befitting those of Dutch descent, blue eyes and brownish hair that seems lighter than it should be, and a darkened patch on his face that many would consider a face pubie or stubble on his face, which often either gives him a grizzled mercenary look, or merely makes him look like a lazy ass lout that doesn't shave, only for the most drastic occasions his face becomes bearded is probably a great reason. Otherwise, one can accurately presume he uses discount disposable shavers to rid himself of face pubes. His head is broad, and his eyes often holding a sinister light to it, a lazed relaxed expression with otherwise hawkish implements to be suggested so. His hair is slicked back naturally, which gives way to deviation, which in turn parts slightly to the side but otherwise fulfills the purpose of having been slicked.

His body is quite muscled with mass, sporting 12 packs, lacking any semblance of scars despite the prospective role of being a frontline assault shock trooper. He has some tafts of hair around his body which compliments his physically monstrously built exterior, chiseled into something of an Olympian's physique considering his dedication towards physical rigorous exercise and training, as well as from a little known help known as science to bulk him up so in such a greatly toned mannerism as to assist in his whatever the Hell endeavors he partakes in as an agent of Typhon's PMC.

His uniform meanwhile often is barest despite being a Commando, given additional protections are merely a handicap. Thus he wears the lightest ballistics vest around, mostly to store items and his stuff, and wears his T-shirt navy blue, sleeves shortened up to his forearm (unlike the picture), a belt around to holster his holdout weapons given the holsters OBVIOUSLY on the belt to actually holster such weapons whichever it is he has. Combat boots so his feet doesn't get stung by the various debris and whatever is on the floor, gets dirty or the like, and actually has more traction on given the rubber soles with the cons of being subjected to the many hazards of the ground often coming from his line of work. Around his neck he wears a necklace with some animal tooth, probably somewhere Dutch got from Africa, or as he calls the place, "Onga Bonga" land.

Occasionally he wears a balaclava when his identity needs to be kept a secret (not that it matters much, he is but a small time grunt in the large network known as Typhon). His appearance befits that of a normal looking human than an augmented super soldier in Typhon.

He has a Dutch accent in his English, his voice is masculine, he stands 6' 6" ft, and weighs 235 pounds.

The man known as Foreman or Dutch is of great lack of apathy towards the taking of human lives as long as money is involved, and Typhon offers plenty of money at that. His vices are greed at a certain extent, with a hedonistic love for depravity he picked up in his tour around many troubled states of Africa. He holds no love for human life, and takes pleasure out of sadistically reaping it as to validate his own existence he views as the biggest sacrilege to this world. But either ways not exactly in a hurry to lose it as opposed to merely finding his fabled one, not a loved one but someone to hate and to kill with all his fibers to which so far was found most... lacking. He feels empty all the time, and justifies it with such an abrasive attitude dynamic and not a stable thing, yet interchangeable thus far without much of a consistency given he is what he hates -- a human.

He is a man jaded by what he saw, the fact he has committed such great inhumanities and lived for it, that nothing has punished him for doing something immoral to a point it has driven him disgusted by the affairs of the world. That his values taught at his home country were nothing more than a sham for nothing to be done, having seen monsters in the skin of humans, horrors done to those that don't deserve it, abject atrocities to this day unanswered has given him a taste to be part of the game as if self-preservation itself dictated he should become a part of this bloody system not a damn thing the world does, and finds himself further irritated by such prospect.

He carries himself in a rather cold mannerism, not often he is warm, merely because a job is a job no matter who pays it. Getting to know someone and getting personal is one of the worst taboos to be doing in the PMC business. They will die later on and people will grow to regret it so.

The way he operates borders in a yo-yo between professional and sometimes informal, after all, he isn't in a national military outfit but a PMC whose only role is to get the damn job done and be done with it. Despite such an air he holds, he has quite the perception to know about things over the human psyche given he has experience in such affairs, and may not exactly be smart, but is sharp. A difference between the two is that he has an average intelligence but sharpened by cunning and conniving nature which sounds contradictory at best, but is rather applicable by the fact his brain works on such a capacity on wisdom merely.






Access Denied












ACCESS GRANTED -- Welcome Agent Thorton.

/file open "Foreman van de Bron"





Error... invalid binary... resolving...


Name: Foreman van de Bron.

D.O.B: Jan/1st/69

Nationality: Dutch

Background: Born in Netherlands, Foreman's early life remains of great insignificance aside from a high school degree from then on he shirked a financial future for a militaristic pursuit to join the Dutch army, later lent to NATO[1]. After an uneventful stay, he left at the earliest opportunity he could find with other likeminded compatriots and became a part of a PMC outfit[2]. The PMC outfit took tours in Africa[3], successfully ousted regime in Comoros[4]. Later PMC outfit took a contract in Angola, UNITA, fought skirmishes with opposing factions, subsequently losing 1/3rd of the unit against trained soldiers. Joined Typhon after they contracted him out on an exemplary job in Mozambique.

"HAH! What a load of crap!" A voice says in the background of the monitor, as he recounts those times... Africa... those were great times...

September 14, 2001.

It was a dark place, Typhon had a medical facility in the South African borders to research the effects of malaria and come up with an actual fully fledged cure or so the story went on. The job was simple, hold their grounds with security forces till the rest of the PMC's arrive. Word went around that the facility refused to cough up money when bandits made their demands (a stupid discovery and a stupid move to make enemies with a large corporate face). Russel and Ralof were on his flank, and Dutch kept an eye out for any further enemy movements in the jungle. His face muddied up as he melded with his surroundings like a leopard watching for any signs of prey. His AK-47 checked if loaded with but a simple displacement of the magazine, and a feed into the slot once more. It was a fucking reliable gun in this jungle, and ammo was plenty. This was the standard weapon of this age, he got his from a Cubano in Angola. Good shit that was.


Fire fights everywhere! The gun rattled like the cacophony of a laughing hyena roaring out in strong pulses, cusses in Onga Bonga and civilized white language were thrown about everywhere, and his men were mowed down. WHERE WERE THE FUCKING REINFORCEMENTS?! This was bad, really bad. Typhon didn't hire them out to keep this place secure, but to waste the bandit bullets long enough for more professional forces to arrive, mop up in time, and not risk hazard pay. These bandits? They didn't look like those, in fact, they had a FULL FLEDGED tactics! They weren't those easy pickings one eliminates in jungles.

Whichever the case, retreating into the facility, Foreman encamped to find the whole place was empty. It was a large empty space of nothing. Those civilians told to be protected? Scientists and all that he met? They WEREN'T EVEN HERE! Not even hiding in a corner! His compatriots came along, using those large windows as cover, barricading the place with whatever the Hell they can find (which was to say not much, they had to use their own assault rifles to block the doorways), giving into brutal combat. Bullets stretched thin, casualties were high, and the so were deserters. These piss-poor Yanks broke away, frat boys all of them, and ran from the ground, but the rest of the original outfit stayed and fought. Those that couldn't were used as human shields, buddies discarded and found more conventionally useful with their kevlar vests bracing against their central body more useful to soak up the bullets than their own. Fifteen minutes passed from heavy gunfire, both sides soon died down in their firing, and more of these bastards came along till the rotary roar yawned from the distance.


So that's how he was picked up by Typhon eh? With an almost annihilated outfit, the survivors opted to sign up for Typhon guarding some empty stretch of land NOBODY knows which was inside this facility, whatever was being done there. It was Hell of a lot better opportunity than being some outsourced PMC outfit. Integrating into Typhon was the best choice too, they had benefits they couldn't get in some low time contracting group, such as dental and all that shit. Career was getting dangerous, but requisitioning for supplies was easier done through the company than local suppliers whom would sell piss poor arms. The advent of change happened, prospective opportunities occurred, and from exemplary performance... he had a little bit of a dose of something that would earn him a role into T2 those years later on. By then, lots have changed, and vitality was restored. Foreman felt like he was way in over his head given the terms was that he was to work for Typhon indefinitely given his recent acquisition of something just like the shit out of a sci-fi.

But Hell, it beats the atrocities and jungles of Africa, cheap ass equipment, and having cholera every now and then. But the question still occurred as to... WHO THE FUCK WERE THOSE GUYS THAT JUMPED THEM?! That may never be known, as far as the mystery goes, and Foreman doesn't care to know of it.




- Expert grasp over psychology given previous role as interrogator, can see through lies and truths easily.
- Proficient in marksmanship.
- NATO military training.
- Olympian physique (as per the T2 super serum).
- Perceptive (Can notice details others may overlook given his attention to the trivial and mundane).
- Huge pain threshold.
- Highly agile and reactive.
- Great improvisation in combat situations.

- Abrasive attitude towards civilians, not ideal in social environments.
- Tendency to create collateral damage on "non-essential" structures, henceforth a high profile agent.
- Great resistance to medicine, and as such, suffers for it with a lack of stimulants or painkillers.
- Horrible piloting skills, subsequently NOT recommended on coming to commandeer any vehicles of any sorts.
- Disregards any notions of civilians or militants in an area, prone towards indiscriminate firing to get to a target to get the job done.
- Sociopath.
- Superstitious.
- Paranoid from non-existent factors.

Regeneration :: Primary :: Advanced Healing Factor - A very curious thing about Dutch is the way he manifested his power is a result of uniform process gone awry from the serum he took in. A single variation causing him to attain the capacity to regenerate from any wounds he takes, where a shot to the head, his brains blown out, eyes gouged, whichever is the case, can easily be regenerated back. Unlike many superpowerful beings, his manifestation of his abilities is nothing supernatural, but a result of accidental science made possible. The only such thing that he could not possibly regenerate from is the complete loss of his head as to induce permanent death towards him. But otherwise, would best be described as someone that can soak in damage, and is often used as a legitimate manner to make the opposition waste their bullets otherwise! Capable of functioning otherwise despite such heavy burdens of wounds and damages implaced on him, that it wouldn't be unusual for him to lose his clothing or have many holes and tatters whereas he appears rather fine. As a side note, he has the capacity to stunt his regeneration and feign death itself. Though by no means invincible, he certainly can outlast many people thought to be killed and come back again tenacious as ever. The only downside to this is that medicine cannot be applied such as painkillers, morphine or any drugs of the like due to his heightened resistance to such a thing which implies he cannot receive aid other than his own prowess (including any enhancements to which is inserted into him would be rejected immediately and "regenerated" from such as neural implants or the like), and his state is static lest he "evolves". Whatever the case, normal conventional means won't kill Dutch without being thorough about it, given the deception associated with his "normal" looking capacity to be mistaken for a normal Typhon PMC than an augmented one.

Small wounds ie: bullet wounds, cuts, gashes, cracked bones = instant regeneration.

Medium wounds ie: hollowed holes in chests, severe gashes, brain wounds, broken bones = 5 post regeneration

Large wounds ie: Lost limbs, bifurcation, maiming, skewering = 10 post regeneration

Grievous damage ie: high fall damage, powerful explosion, flattened body = 20 post regeneration, "death-like" state being coma to recover, but an inability to do anything or even stay conscious.

Dutch, English, Russian, and Spanish.






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van de Bron, Foreman "Dutch" Empty Re: van de Bron, Foreman "Dutch"

Post  Maxim Jensen on Sat Jul 21, 2012 9:23 am


1] Username must be character's name or alias. You could make his alias Dutch and keep the Codename of Xerxes otherwise.

2] Need to put 'Hunter' in place of the 'Class' at the application's heading.
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van de Bron, Foreman "Dutch" Empty Re: van de Bron, Foreman "Dutch"

Post  Maxim Jensen on Sat Jul 21, 2012 9:26 am

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Maxim Jensen

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van de Bron, Foreman "Dutch" Empty Re: van de Bron, Foreman "Dutch"

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