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Rules: RP-Specific

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Rules: RP-Specific

Post  Gabriel Jensen on Tue Jul 17, 2012 2:15 pm

1) Obviously you want to jump in and get started, but for the sake of keeping things from turning into a clusterfuck we have to approve your character first. Post your sign-ups in the appropriate area and we’ll get to them as soon as possible.

2) I know we hit this already, but literacy becomes even more important within the RP boards. It is not difficult to use a spellchecker if you’re really having trouble.

3) We’ll be writing in third person. I don’t care about your preferences.

4) Try to make all your posts at least a couple paragraphs. One-liners will invoke the wrath of the mods. A 200 word minimum is a good guideline.

5) Bunnying, godmodding, and autohitting are all bad. If you’re not familiar with these terms, they basically just mean you can’t control other people’s characters. It makes you look like a giant dick and is a very good way to get yourself in trouble.

6) More of a guideline than a rule, nobody likes a Mary-Sue. Your character should have as many flaws and weaknesses as they do strengths.

7) Topics can be open or private, so long as they aren't solo. Just ask before you intrude unless the thread is specified as open.

8) Every second of your character’s life does not have to involve violence. We’re trying to create a story here, not a pay-per-view wrestling event.

9) The same rules on profanity and graphic imagery still apply. This is a mature setting, not an adult setting.

10) Yes, you can only have one character per account. If you wish to have alternate characters at the same time, you will need to first establish yourself as an active member of the site. Once you reach a certain number of IC posts (in character posts in the RP boards) you will be allotted multiple characters. The requirements are as follows

    1 alternate character: 5 posts.
    2 alternate characters: 10 posts.
    3 alternate characters: 20 posts.
    4 alternate characters: 30 posts.

Nobody will be allotted more than five characters. Additional character must all go through the same approval process.

11) If you're RPing in a city or country not stated, it needs to be made clear in the topic title. For instance: 'Dreams of Sand [Max/Gabriel] {Poland}' or something along those lines.

12) No solo RPing. At all.

13) ONE of the Children per user. I mean it.

14) If you're stuck for power ideas, you have a number of options; obviously, talk to the community and staff for what's good and what isn't, but the internet is a very valid resource. A good site that I'd advise using, even if some of the powers on there are a real no-go, is the Superpowers Wiki.
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