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Post  Thaddeus van Wolfe on Fri Jul 20, 2012 5:39 am


van Wolfe, Thaddeus L. Thaddeusleft van Wolfe, Thaddeus L. Thaddeuscentre van Wolfe, Thaddeus L. Thaddeusright

”I lost my final fight to disease, I feel that this is where it ends...”


Thaddeus Leroy van Wolfe



South African



van Wolfe, Thaddeus L. 66789872
van Wolfe, Thaddeus L. 61722874
van Wolfe, Thaddeus L. 85632045
van Wolfe, Thaddeus L. 83963966
van Wolfe, Thaddeus L. 64430940
van Wolfe, Thaddeus L. 84591505
van Wolfe, Thaddeus L. 23205602
van Wolfe, Thaddeus L. 66429752
van Wolfe, Thaddeus L. 95056351
van Wolfe, Thaddeus L. 52297581
van Wolfe, Thaddeus L. 59328290
van Wolfe, Thaddeus L. 59368464
van Wolfe, Thaddeus L. 80216810



Thaddeus stands tall and heavy-set at around 6' 5", with a muscular build placing him at well over 200lbs. His body density of course fluctuates due to his osteokinetic powerset, so at any time, he can weigh anywhere from 125 to over 500lbs courtesy of this, but with a 'normal' density skeleton, his body clocks in at around 250 or so. Thaddeus' body is obviously incredibly toned, and laced with a number of nicks and cuts all around courtesy of his occupation.

Thaddeus has a head of combed and gelled-back well-kept bright blonde hair, and two of the most startlingly vibrant blue eyes you will undoubtedly ever see. It's almost strange, how piercing and colourful Thaddeus' gaze is; one would presume that a man of his calibre and lack of reservations would possess perhaps a more fitting and dreary set of grey eyes, or even colours of an ethereal red. His skin, even on his face, is scarred, with one long line tracing down his jawbone from a run-in with one Maxim Jensen a few years ago.

Thaddeus tends to wear typical fatigues, including a sleeveless, padded jacket, black combat trousers, black boots, and occasionally either a beret or cap along with his weaponry, though that's unusual. In formal scenarios, Thaddeus will resort to either a shirt, tie, trousers, and dress shoes, or maybe even a full suit itself. Thaddeus' voice is deep, hoarse, and gravelly from years of barking orders at lower-ranking enlisted men, and he can often be seen with a cigar between his thin lips, and a wide grin upon his face. A pair of dog tags reading 'Van Wolfe - 301st Company' hang around his neck at all times, spattered with blood, sand, and mud, a testament to his time with the USMC in Iraq.

Thaddeus will occasionally wear a jacket done up around his neck or face, but will leave the sleeves empty, so as to allow it to look similar to a makeshift cape, but this doesn't happen a lot as he usually begins most missions simply with a flak jacket or body armour, trousers, boots, and his weaponry.

Thaddeus is a simple man. He moves, thinks, and works all along one line working to one goal, and there's a single word that defines him in entirety: ruthless. He is nigh-on unstoppable once set at a target and given the appropriate motive to meet it, and will not hesitate to throw his morals aside and resort to violence, torture, murder, and other such callous measures to achieve results.

Thaddeus is by no means stupid, but he doesn't apply book-based intelligence. No, Mr. van Wolfe is a man of tactics and stratagems, some far more complex than any equation, chemical or algebraic. He takes his work very seriously, and it's often considered the only thing in his life which he enjoys, giving him even more of a motive to complete it efficiently. He is brutal, he lacks reservation, and he has no regard for subtlety. Why sneak in with tear gas and a silencer when you can throw a brick through the front window, instead?

Thaddeus obliges to the rank and file that Typhon sets up for him, the company often providing him with apt amounts of resources and a partner or subordinate, due to his being in the P.U.R.G.E. cell and being considered the absolute best-of-the-best. He bears an animosity and enmity towards the Children unseen in a lot of regular Typhon soldiers, and considers those who have left their roots to be traitors, and still holds little respect for those who stuck with the company for being sheep.

There isn't a lot of way to endear yourself to Thaddeus; the man works solely on first impressions, and will decide if he likes you or not within thirty seconds of meeting him. Aside from that, he holds work as his first and only priority, and will almost never go against orders. He holds no real friends within Typhon, and his only allegiance lies to two things: blood and money. He'd betray his would-be comrades and his employers in a heartbeat, and if asked to, would leave a man behind or execute them on the spot. Thaddeus praises regimen and agenda, and appreciates both a good sense of organisation and strength.

The bottom line? If Thaddeus wants something, he will take it. If there's an obstacle in his line of sight, he will charge through it, unleash fire upon it, and beat the living shit out of it with every last ounce of might left in his body. Once more, he is ruthlessness epitomised - and his codename of 'Leonidas' is more than a fitting one, named of an old, callous, ancient Spartan king of lore.

Things have always been simple for Thaddeus van Wolfe.

Born to South African natives, Thaddeus spent his early life in Johannesburg, whereupon he was considered a fairly normal child in a military family. He ascended through school and was nothing special, but his fitness was always peak, and at one time his gymnasium teachers did remark that he was perhaps fit for joining the nation's official and renowned rugby team. But, alas, Thaddeus van Wolfe's fate had long-since already been decided for him.

Not long after Thaddeus age of sixteen, the van Wolfe family moved to New York, seeking a different life to the one offered to them in Johannesburg. Apartheid had just been dissolved, and tensions surrounding the van Wolfes, a notorious family, the ancestors of whom had been white supremacists, were growing stronger with the day. The year was 1995, and it was a glorious one for Thaddeus when he arrived upon the New York skyline and settled in as quickly as he could, returning to school to complete his education, as per his father's wishes.

Thaddeus was always destined to be an enlisted man, and had no problems when his father sat down to give him the usual van Wolfe talk. In 1997, the boy signed up for the United States Marine Corps - this was their new home now, and he had to show it. After a few years of training and knocking around various postings abroad, Thaddeus and his unit were called up to be dispatched into Iraq for the advent of the Iraq war in 2003. His mother crying and his father proudly puffing out his chest, Thaddeus left away for the middle-east, where only death and tragedy awaited him.

The invasion phase was over in a few months, with Thaddeus taking an active hand in it, but he was stationed in Iraq proper right up until 2007. The horrors that he saw there followed him home, and, unable to shake them or rejoin the Corps once more, he left, having since ascended to the rank of First Lieutenant, not long away from becoming an officer of prestige. He hung up the meaningless commendation medals, his fatigues, and his rifle, and returned home, not knowing what to do.

For six months Thaddeus sat around unknowingly. What would his life be now? Ten years he had spent in the Corps, but on New Year's Day 2008, the twenty-nine year-old took to the recruitment centre, clutching a scrap of paper in-hand. Typhon. He would work for them as part of a security detail in the Mojave Desert. It was a high-paying job for ex-military thugs who were fit to clutch rifles and wear flak jackets for twelve hours a day, and it fit van Wolfe just fine. He regaled stories of Iraq to his comrades, many of whom also having spent their tenure there, but it wasn't long before he ascended to the prestigious rank of squadron leader, apparently impressing the brass and his comrades with his no-bullshit attitude and his many notorious war stories.

On one day in 2013, stationed in Tartarus, one like all other, Thaddeus knowingly understanding what went on, behind double-doors, the hiss of hydraulics greeted his ears. Perplexed, the soldier spun around and kicked open the doors, rifle in hand, and opened fire, as was protocol, on the tampering scientists. This came to be known as the Tartarus massacre, when Thaddeus' comrade's rifle fire, sprayed inaccurately, pierced a single tank, allowing it to drain and freeing Maxim Jensen, releasing all of the freshly-incubated 24 Children.

The man who shot open the tank was to be executed. Thaddeus was the one holding the smoking gun.

He took around a year's unpaid recommended leave from Typhon, with some bad air between him and the brass. That was, however, until he got an envelope in the mail from Payton Jensen, Zeus, who had put his name forward for candidacy for the new Tier-3 improved Children serum. He would be allowed to function as a single unit, thrown into the fray and used at Typhon's disposal, but, in return, he would gain 'powers the likes of which the world couldn't dream'. In return for taking the job, he'd be allowed back on with full pay and benefits, and given his own subordinate and partner.

Thaddeus' response?

"Where do I sign up?"

Loyal dog of Typhon.



- USMC training.
- Insane mental capabilities.
- Tremendous willpower.
- Lack of morals.
- Good medium-range marksman.
- Tactician.
- High pain threshold.
- Good improvisation skills in combat.
- Can actively pilot a helicopter.

- Not incredibly intelligent.
- Narrow-minded.
- Refuses to question orders.
- Lack of morals.
- Tendencies towards non-reported friendly fire incidents.

Osteokinesis :: Primary :: Bone Density Manipulation - Thaddeus can actively manipulate the density of his own bone tissue. For starters, this process is insanely painful, and makes him weigh a shit-ton of bricks, but it comes in incredibly useful. Manipulating his own bone density allows for bones to become stronger with the trade-off of their becoming far heavier, meaning that Thaddeus' skeletal structure can temporarily become up to ten times stronger than the normal human body.

Even with Thaddeus' peak physical fitness and Olympian levels of strength, carting a body ten times as dense around is difficult enough, and sometimes twice the density will suffice. But with density comes resilience, and this power's benefits are both defensive and offensive. Punches and tackles that connect will do so with impressive force, with stronger and heavier bones simply meaning stronger and heavier physical attacks. Not only this, but the osteokinesis itself can be triggered at just about any moment, meaning that Thaddeus can survive impressive amounts of blunt trauma, and even fall from smaller buildings without fear of total death, though he will usually require a skin or muscle graft after doing so. More dense bones also allow him to ignore recoil entirely thanks to the shock dampening effects they grant.

With a flak jacket, a rifle, and Typhon's diplomatic immunity thrown in with this power, Thaddeus is a near-unstoppable single unit.

Thaddeus speaks English and Afrikaans fluently, and basic Arabic and Spanish.




Maxim Jensen, Alpha.

[b]AXIS POWERS HETALIA[/b] – [i]germany[/i]


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Post  Otto Klein on Sat Jul 21, 2012 2:55 am

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