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Isidora Leto

Post  Isidora Leto on Wed Aug 08, 2012 10:23 am


”Well, it looks better with bullet holes in it, in my personal opinion.”


Isidora Leto









Isidora Leto is a woman with a figure that matches her activities; built for agility, her body is streamlined and slender, her muscles toned but not large, an emphasis on speed rather than strength. She is at a physical prime, molded by years of cycling, gymnastics and running. Her face is a fresh and beautiful one, curious and wide blue eyes that gleam lightly, a tanned complexion atypical for her heritage and chestnut hair with blonde highlights. Of course, due to her abilities granted by Typhon's serum, she can change the colour of her skin and hair to just about anything, though she prefers the colours she was born with.

Her clothes are, for the most part, casual, a somewhat break from Executioner uniform, but her actual uniform diverts from the norm for justifiable reasons. Due to the rarity of the material it's made from, Isidora has to make do with an incredibly skimpy outfit, covering her for decency but only just. Based on a swimsuit, but with a split in the middle proudly showing her belly. She usually keeps this outfit as a deep blue so as to disguise in the dead of night, and wears it under her normal clothes.

For her job title, Isidora is frankly a one-in-a-million oddity, completely at ends with the nature of her work. A killer with a heart of gold and a tongue of silver, Isidora Leto has a sharp sense of humour and enjoys to laugh and make others laugh, usually with a heavy emphasis on snark and sarcarstic wit. She likes to banter, usually jokingly mocking others and takes the same very well, and it often makes her seem quite lazy, but despite this she only thinks the best of her colleagues and her friends, and will gladly put them before herself. Friendly, even towards non-Executioners, and especially to members of the public, she'll do all she can to help others, no matter the cost to herself.

Of course, this might in a small way have something to do with the fact that a lot of her colleagues work for Typhon, a company to which she is almost fanatically loyal to. Ever since her terminally ill mother was saved by Typhon, Isidora has seen Typhon only as a godsend, a corporation destined to further humanity, the harbinger of a golden age. Gaia, on the other hand, are a group she despises; selfishly holding back the key to life for their own purposes, suspiciously hiding with an unknown agenda. A disappointment. Typhon had given her super powers, a job and saved her mother's life, and in return Isidora gleefully chewed up the propoganda, working for them not out of fear or hatred of others or to have an excuse to kill, but because she thought she was doing good; that with her aid, Typhon could make as many Children as they could see the error of their ways, and any who struggle will unfortunately have to die, but for the good of the rest.

In the field, Isidora is a hardened fighter; agile, sneaky, a tactical spy and a fantastic shot. Having worked for the police before becoming an Executioner, she also has a strong sense of morals and can service just as well as a simple, unimportant policewoman, able to switch between helping old ladies cross the street and guiding traffic in the village green to breaking into heavily fortified installations and taking on a hundred armed men singlehandedly. While she'll do all she can to protect innocents and prevent their harm, she will not hesitate to kill anyone she sees as an enemy. She's a brilliant sneak, befitting to her powers, and can work as a scout, spy and deadly assassin. If her missions run into a fault, however, it's usually because her humour seeps into her work. Taking joy in often taunting her opponents, she'll let her natural sense of humour blow her cover once or twice. She also values carefulness and attention to detail over speed, and her laziness can often mean that she ends up taking a long time to do her job, but whenever she does a job, no one does it better. A smart, deadly assassin, spy and moral authority.

Isidora Leto is a child of circumstance, mostly. Born from a Russian mother and a Turkish father, she had a joyful childhood in the suburbs surrounding Moscow, living with her mother but still often seeing her father whenever he'd come home from business in Instanbul. His work was in guns, and from him she learnt how to hold and fire a handgun from an extremely young age, though initially she never intended to use it on anything more than clay pigeons and porcelain plates. Her life was very much a joy, until her mother became dreadfully ill. A then-unknown condition, Isidora's mother was bedridden with a chronic headache, nausea, delirium and constant agony. Isidora's ideal life became an almost two year long struggle of fear and lonliness, having to take care of her mum by herself and her father only available every month or so, fighting to keep her alive and without pain, having to watch the condition worsen to the point of her own mother begging a mere eleven year old girl to mercy-kill her, and Isidora herself pondering whether she should or shouldn't...

... and in through the door walked a man wearing a grey business suit, a briefcase in one hand and a pamphlet about a mysterious company known as "Typhon" in the other.

Being a weapons manufacturer, Ahmed Leto worked with many a company, from PMCs to security services, and was able to pull favours from Typhon, a very recent client of his. The man who came to the Moscow household simply told Isidora and her mother that he could fix everything with a syringe and a prescription of Typhon's most recent medicine, for which they were testing. Desperate for any solution, they agreed, and found the man not to have lied. The condition simply disappeared over night, all the pain and suffering gone forever, and Isidora's life was back to its former idyllic balance.

It was years later, however, that Isidora found any mention of Typhon again. She had become a special forces police officer in St Petersburg, rising through the ranks at an unprecedented and amazing pace, and despite only a few years of service was already being eyed for hire by other institutions who could use her sneakiness, bravery and outstanding gun skills. However, Typhon beat everyone to the punch with a visit from that same man from before. Already seeing them as the new wave of humanity, and the best thing to ever happen in her life, she waved off most of the very boring-sounding descriptions of an experimental "Executioner" programme, not even questioning the hazy motives and the suspicious name; after all, they had saved her mother's life, gave Isidora's happiness back, and had done so much to improve the world.

They'd never lead her astray.




- An extremely good shot, especially in close range fire.
- Very perceptive and good at hiding, sneaking and infiltrating through missed openings.
- A gymnast, through and through. Flexible, quick footed, fast and agile.
- A strategic soldier, able to plan around any situation and get through anything by herself.

- Quite lazy and easily distracted.
- Not as good at hand-to-hand combat as her record suggests, relying entirely on the element of surprise.
- More of a follower than a leader.
- Naive and susceptible to lies or half-truths, especially from her superiors.

POWER: Chameleon Blend
PRIMARY - Chameleon Blend is the power that Typhon's serum bestowed to Isidora, and it grants her the innate ability to change her colours, mostly to essentially turn invisible; she can seemingly vanish. When she moves, she remains completely undetectable... at least her skin is, and the swimsuit-esque costume she wears. Otherwise, anything she carries or wears is not affected, and will therefore end up seemingly hovering in the air. This also occurs to stuff that gets onto her skin, such as water, various powders and dirt. It's also a power that she can't use on the fly; no matter how much she focuses on it, the fastest she can change from visible to invisible is a full five seconds, no faster and no slower, making this power one that requires a lot of planning to pull off. When in disguise, Isidora can remain in disguise for anything up to twelve hours, and she has no real ill effects from repeated use. She can, however, change her skin colour to colours that are not around her, but due to a lack of tactical application she rarely does this anyway.

- Russian - Red
- English - Blue
- German - Green
- French - Cyan
- Dutch - Orange
- Chinese - Yellow
- Japanese - Violet
- Turkish - White




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Isidora Leto
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Re: Isidora Leto

Post  Otto Klein on Sat Aug 11, 2012 8:16 am



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