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Alejandra Laela Rocha

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Alejandra Laela Rocha

Post  Alejandra Rocha on Mon Jul 30, 2012 10:52 am


”One day I'll fly away, leave all this to yesterday.”


Alejandra Laela Rocha



½ Portuguese, ¼ Spanish, ¼ Arabic





Alejandra is average in height and slim, given her background. She stands at 5'6” and is around 130lbs. Her shape is not exactly hourglass; her breasts are the average size and her hips are slightly rounded, but not extremely defined. Her hair is several inches past her shoulders (her bangs frame her face and go to her shoulders), straight, and primarily black, though she has a few distinct brown streaks that frame her face. Her almond-shaped eyes are dark brown in color, almost black. Her skin is unusually pale, which she accounts to the fact that she spent the majority of her life in a tube. She is beginning to get some color back and does tan very well.

Alejandra likes to wear her hair down almost all of the time; she usually only pulls it back when she's working on a car. She has a pair of knee high combat-style boots that she bought with her first real paycheck, they are her favorite article of clothing. Her second favorite article of clothing is a long, pale blue, sleeveless sweater. It ties just under her breasts and has a matching pair of armbands that was made with the same material, that go from her wrist to her elbow. Dona Rocha had found the sweater at a shop on sale and had decided to style it for Alejandra as a thank-you gift. Dona Rocha also embroidered two angel wings onto the back of the sweater. Given the spring-like temperatures, she is almost always wearing that with her boots. She favors black jeans or shorts, as well as tank tops. Her wardrobe is simple, similar to her means. She is naturally light on her feet, her footsteps almost silent. Her vocal tone is soft, and almost airy. She does not normally shout, even when angry. Her voice usually becomes harder in tone, but that is the only change.

Alejandra is surprisingly good-natured, given all that has happened to her. She's friendly to the people who live in her town and very compassionate. She really just longs for peace and quiet and to enjoy her life as she sees fit. Unfortunately, she also realizes that because of her unique circumstances, that won't happen. She chose to make her home in the remote Azores in the hopes of escaping detection and tries not to draw attention to herself. She is content to assist the Rochas around their home and fix the cars, trucks and boats of the people in the parish of Sete Ciadads. She is coolly polite to strangers and is happy enough to fade into the background. She is distrustful of authority figures and feels her heart begin to speed up when Typhon is mentioned.

Alejandra loves to laugh whenever possible and finds the most joy when she's practicing her flying. She is careful when she plays around with her powers, usually at night in the hills that surround part of the town. She is secretive about her past and when asked, she usually mentions orphanages before changing the subject. Alejandra is extremely analytic and often looks at every angle of something before doing anything about it (which is what makes her a decent mechanic). She gains her knowledge mostly through reading books and surfing the internet. That's also how she keeps up to date on her news on Typhon and the rumors of a rebellion against them.

Everything had been a warm haze when suddenly, that haze was shattered. She was forced from her shell and into a stark, cold room. And she was not alone. Others, who seemed as confused as her were emerging from their own shells. Frantically she looked around, noticing the Greek letters that marked each tube. The tube indicated as Alpha was opened and she followed it down the line until she turned back to see her own. Iota. She was Iota? But... that name didn't feel right. Her mind felt as if it was waking up from a deep sleep, struggling to remember something that was long ago forgotten.

Suddenly there was noise, shattering her ears with its destructive sound. People were screaming as booted feet pounded into their room. She felt the air strike her as she rose and realized she was completely naked. She could automactically feel a blush of embarrassment rise up her cheeks but for the time being, survival overcame modesty. Natural light had emerged from a fire exit, opened by one of the people who had shared this ordeal with her. She was unsteady on her feet, still caught up in the daze. She heard the rifles lock, ready to load. In fear she flung her arms up shouting, “No!” She watched as wind picked up those men and knocked them against one another. Horrified, she turned and fled through the open door. She ignored the others running alongside her in this bleak, open desert. All she wanted to do was flee.

Things came back to her as she was running. Her name... her age. And suddenly, a thought. If that wind had been created by her in the lab... why couldn't she do it again? She pushed her arms down towards the ground, watching as the wind lifted her into the air. She released an almost childish laugh of surprise, even as the wind glided her back towards the desert. She realized that she had drifted herself away from the other fugitives and... she was okay with that. Wherever she was, they were not happy that she and the others had fled. They would be looking for them. Best for her to slip away.


Alejandra Laela Rocha did in fact slip away. After stealing some clothes in the first town she found, she had to figure out the best way to get... well, anywhere. As her thoughts returned to her, she remembered that she was Portuguese. It seemed like a good idea to go there. She stole across the United States, feeling guilty every time she stole food or money. The flying technique wasn't perfect and she sustained quite a few bruises from poor falls in those first few weeks. Yet she managed to make it across to the east coast. Then the trouble really hit. She wasn't sure she could sustain herself across an entire OCEAN. Luckily, a boat was leaving that day, headed towards Portugal. Unfortunately, she recognized some of the people on it. They had been in that lab! She went for secrecy and stayed in the holds of the ship, afraid to be found.

Alejandra had been stealing up to the captain's cabin on occasion, listening to the lay of the land. When she heard they were going to be entering Portugese waters soon, she decided it was time to make her move. She left the ship, flying towards the map showed land. She landed in the Azores, on the island of São Miguel, near the city of Ponta Delgada. Immediately she felt calm go over her when she landed there. It was peaceful and quiet and it had not seemed that the powerful group known as Typhon (which she had heard about on the news) had much hold there. The Azores were not very populated and most agricultural... no interest to a technology-focused world.

Alejandra made her home in Sete Cidades, a small parish around thirty kilometers outside of Ponta Delgada. She assimilated easily into the town there, mostly doing odd jobs. She discovered she was good at fixing cars and that she loved to read. The ever-present worry of being found caused her to learn boxing and kickboxing, as well as understanding how to use a few guns. She lived with an aging couple, their surname also Rocha. They didn't hear much news there, which suited Alejandra. She was content where she was. Although she did sometimes wonder about the others who had fled, who had been on that boat. Why were they going to Portugal? Were they going to fight Typhon? As she gained more information over the years, she did not like the sound of them. She hoped that those who had fled were also safe and if they were going to rebel against Typhon, that they were successful.

Unaffiliated, with Gaia sympathies



-Proficient in boxing and kickboxing.
-Knows how to handle a few types of guns, more out of necessity than choice.
-Has an “above average” IQ, around 120.
-A pretty good mechanic, mostly with cars.

-Really dislikes enclosed spaces.
-Spiders kind of freak her out.
-Does not like fighting and will only fight if she feels she has no other choice.

Aerokinesis – Primary Level – Wind & Flight : At the Primary level, Alejandra has the ability to create varying levels of wind. She primarily does this when she pushes outwards with her arms or hands. She can create breezes, small buffets or even large gusts. Alejandra has with this ability to give herself the power of flight. This power of flight is not so much flight as it is gliding. She can use the power to rise herself into the air and direct her, also allowing her to land easily. The flying technique is still new to her and is not totally fine-tuned.

Aerokinesis – Secondary Level – Hyper-Breath :
Aerokinesis – Tertiary Level – Tornadoes :
Aerokinesis – Final Level – Hurricanes :

Speaks fluent Portuguese, English, Spanish, and Arabic.



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Alejandra Rocha
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Re: Alejandra Laela Rocha

Post  Gabriel Jensen on Mon Jul 30, 2012 11:08 am


Looks good. Hope to see her in action soon.


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