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Setting off (Open)

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Setting off (Open)

Post  Mattias Rosen on Mon Jul 30, 2012 4:17 am

Making his way through Parga, Mattias was just starting to make his way out of Greece. He finally decided that he needed to take what was written on that note he'd gotten seriously and try to find more information, or, maybe even some other of the Children who might explain things to him. Not that he would really be able to identify them or anything, but he was proud of the fact that he was actually doing something.

He was currently talking with a man, each taking turns looking confused, displeased, and comprehending. Boat times had recently been changed and all Matt cared to know was whether or not he'd be able to catch one relatively soon, or if it was worth trying to make his way to a different town to get a boat there. All he was sure of at the moment was that he needed to get himself out of Greece.

"So, a boat will come by soon?" Matt asked. The man nodded. That was good enough for him. "Thank you." He gave a grin before shoving his hands into his pockets and walking off in a different direction to waste the little time he had before a boat arrived.

Tourists were all over the place. To be expected, as people seemed to love areas of Greece. Not as many as would be in, say, Athens, but that was fine by Mattias. He accidentally bumped into a couple tourists and apologized mainly in Greek, but apologized in the few other languages he knew if he recognized it. When he came to a stop, he was staring into a small restaurant.

I don't have the money for food and a boat ride, he frowned to himself. In his right pocket, his hand curled around the limited money he had. How had he thought he would make it very far with the little he had, he wasn't sure. But then, planning just wasn't Matt's strong suit.


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