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Rosen, Mattias

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Rosen, Mattias

Post  Mattias Rosen on Sat Jul 28, 2012 7:18 am


”I could've been a gardener all this time. Who would've thought?”


Mattias Rosen



1/2 American, 1/4 English, 1/4 German

Mu (μ)




Standing at 5'9, Mattias is on the shorter end. His height has yet to really be a problem for him, though. In fact, he would say he's the perfect height. His light brown hair sticks out wherever it wishes to, and Matt just doesn't care to try to tame it. He keeps it on the shorter end, and that's about it. His skin is a light shade, and his eyes are a deep brown that manages to look like they contain hints of red in just the right lighting.

While he enjoys wearing layers, Matt will remove the long sleeved grey shirt he wears underneath his yellow pullover in warmer weather. Typically, he wears grey pants that are loose around his legs but fit his waist just right. On rare occasions, he'll wear shorts; only when he just can't stand the heat and needs to get some nice air flow to his legs. Black sneakers are his shoes of choice, though he has been known to trade them for a pair of sandals in the heat of summer.

Loud and quite possibly very irritating, Mattias loves to talk. About anything that comes to mind, really. Unafraid to chat up a stranger, because he thinks they could have something interesting to say, so why not hear it? And even if things don't turn out interesting, well, he at least is (maybe) helping someone to have a better day.

Matt holds himself to be a funny guy, cracking jokes or using sarcasm. He would much rather take part in a fun, wacky conversation than to be bogged down by something of grave importance. When serious matters do arise, he tries to spin it into some sort of joke. Really, it has become his way of coping with things, as well as his way of being noticed, as he feels the only time he's paid any attention is when he's being funny.

Now, Mattias can certainly be a serious fellow. And he will be if it's needed. If he feels something just isn't right or if there is some sort of glaring problem, he'll voice his thoughts or deal with the matter as he feels is fit. He's not the best planner, tending to make things up on the go rather than coming up with a detailed idea beforehand and then acting it out.

Beneath it all, though, Matt is scared. Scared because Gaia and Typhon are out there. Waiting. And he hasn't heard too pleasant things about either side, but if he had to choose, he would go with Gaia. He doesn't want to have to choose, though. And he's scared he just might.

The night of the breakout is mostly nothing. What Matt does remember is blurry. He knows he was somewhere that wasn't where he wanted to be (or, really, he just thinks he knows that; it was an escape, and that he truly does know, but he can't remember why they were escaping). And someone busted them out. He remembers there were more than just him, but that is the extent of it.

He doesn't remember actually escaping. He doesn't remember how he ended up on some plane setting off for Greece. He does, however, remember an itching at the back of his head, knowing he was forgetting things. He remembers people on the plane saying "children" and a pull at that word.

Mattias has spent the last two years of his life living out of a basement in Greece. The people who took him in were kind to offer him space, as he had readily explained he had no money and he wasn't sure when he could get his hands on any. He got himself work a few months after staying with them, paying them as much as he could afford to and still have some for food. It wasn't until a year into having his job that he finally paid them all he owed.

It was only a few months before getting his rent paid in full that he found out his power. He discovered it when the family went away on a vacation trip and left him to tend to their plants. Now, Mattias was nervous in taking care of the plants because he wasn't sure if he was giving them too much water or too little, or the right amounts of sunlight. He started talking to the plants. They grew, right before his eyes. The flowers opened and grew a little taller. At first he thought he was dreaming, but the next day they were still there, bloomed flowers and all.

He didn't mention his ability when the family returned, figuring it was a silly ability to even have. It wasn't exactly useful. It did, though, make him wonder more than he had been about what was going on. He didn't know where to go about seeking answers, though, and so he just kept trying to push on with his life. That is, until one night, when he received a note explaining the Children, how they were super-powered, super-soldiers. If it hadn't been for his own power, he wouldn't have believed it. And he could only hope that meant he wasn't using the full potential of his power, because he couldn't really be much of a soldier with what he has to work with at the moment.




- Good hand/eye coordination
- Knows how to cook
- Good with money

- Has poor memorization skills when it comes to numbers
- Is self-depreciating
- Feels drained when he goes for too long without contact with sunlight

Chlorokinesis, also known as Agrokinesis, Botanokinesis, Phytokinesis, or Plant Manipulation, is the ability to control plant-life.

Chlorokinesis, Primary - At the primary level, Matt can urge plants to grow, and even to move to a small extent. It isn't as if they move all that fast, really. Enough so it's noticeable, but it's not like that does much for him. It's more that the plants have to be coaxed into it, and Matt would rather not do that unless he really needs it to happen because it takes up quite a bit of his concentration, puts him under mental strain, and can wear him out more than he would readily admit to. It isn't much of a combat type of power at this stage. More than anything, it could help with getting fresh food quicker or maybe even living up a garden. "Just a party trick" is what Matt refers to it as, and doesn't really think it's worth all the concentration that goes into it.

English, German, Spanish, and Greek




First one.

[b]Wolf's Rain[/b] – [i]Hige[/i]

That Plant Guy
Mattias Rosen
Mattias Rosen

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Re: Rosen, Mattias

Post  Dante Noel on Sat Jul 28, 2012 9:35 am


Everything looks good here Bro~~


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Dante Noel
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