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Papillon, Muzai

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Papillon, Muzai

Post  Muzai Papillon on Wed Jul 25, 2012 3:51 pm

DOSSIER: Zeta {ζ}

”Scream sweetly for me, won't you?”


Muzai Papillon








Muzai has rather long, straight pink hair, the color consistent everywhere that hair grows, though she tends not to allow it to grow anywhere other than her head. Her eyes are rather large, generally staring innocently into space, they have a sky blue color to them, though they can shift to pink or red depending on how much blood is on them. Moving on, she has a rather small frame as far as bone structure goes, being thin and only 5'6''. This is extremely deceptive, however, as she is in top physical condition, primarily due to how muscles work in correlation to her abilities. Because she is constantly contracting and relaxing her muscles with her power, she has built up a very powerful body without burning away her breasts or destroying her small frame.

Moving on from that, she has decently sized breasts, being about a C cup. She's not flat chested, nor are her breasts so big they'd get in the way, so she considers them perfect. In regards to clothing, she favors black, blue, and red as far as colors go. When it comes to clothing, she has a bit of a thing for dresses, though she may sometimes be seen in a simple shirt and a pair of pants. Unlike other girls who constantly buy a large number of shoes, she actually generally sticks with a single pair of black running shoes, as she feels they suit her better than any set of fancy shoe.

Muzai is, for lack of a better word, a monster. When generally interacting with normal people, or anyone really, she acts as innocent and pure as physically possible. Going so far as to lie about her age, allowing people to think she's a high school girl if it'll help her. On the outside, she appears to be just a normal teenage girl, despite not being a teenager at all, who enjoys wearing red, blue, and black clothing. Well, if your ignore that she literally reeks of blood, of course. It's only once you get past that outer shell that you get to see the real, truly terrifying person that Muzai truly is.

To start with, she is sadistic to the point that it's actually kind of ridiculous. Anything she can do to make another person suffer is fair game as far as she's concerned. To be slightly more specific in that regard, she specifically enjoys the practice of skinning people, using her powers to make sure they're alive the entire time, unless they die from shock, of course. Screams are like the most wonderful music you've ever heard to her, she finds them soothing and enjoys sleeping in the same room as the one she tortured last, using his/her screams as if they were a lullaby. She's actually somewhat annoyed by death, as it means the end of her fun, so she may even lash out at the corpses left behind in the morning after her powers stopped working and her victim had bled to death.

Beyond that, she's also nearly obsessed with covering herself in blood, to the point that she even started making clothing out of it. Shes been doing that very thing for so long now that she's actually learned to keep her clothing solid while she's asleep, when all her other abilities would have stopped working. She has a preference for fresh blood, despite being able to oxidize and deoxidize blood herself, in effect keeping it fresh, she just doesn't think it feels the same and as a result has a strong desire to kill a new person at least once a week to replace her current clothing. As a random side note, she's bisexual but has a preference for women. It should be noted, however, she doesn't generally see sex as something between lovers or anything of the sort, generally only using the idea of it to trick people into going into places they shouldn't alone with her.

Should she ever genuinely fall in love, however, she would quickly become obsessed with that person on a disturbing level. If anyone else of the appropriate gender even looked at her desired mate with a hint of sexual desire, she would most likely kill them. On the same level, she'd be very willing to defend said person with her life, not caring who she slaughtered in doing so. Though, to be honest, it isn't very likely that will ever happen, as she usually kill anyone she gets into a situation like that with before it can actually get anywhere.

Finally, for the last bit of crazy left stuck in this girls head, she talks to herself. Literally 2 days after reaching Tokyo, she'd start talking to herself whenever she was alone. She'd even go so far as to give each language she spoke its own personality and accent, to the point that she could perfectly replicate the appropriate accent for each language. To be honest, that actually makes this little issue somewhat useful, but she's still crazy, though this isn't exactly the craziest thing she does, so it may be over looked.

Muzai was groggy when she first woke up, pulling the air mask off her face as the last of the cold, stick blue goop fell off her body. She was cold, she didn't like being cold. She wobbled out of the tube, taking note of the events around her with a rather blank expression. There were a lot of other naked people, one of which was a very large man who seemed to be smashing people, spraying blood everywhere. Blood. She remembered blood. She liked blood. Blood was good for her. She stared at the blood for a few moments, smiling as it slowly rose into the air, more and more of it collecting until she'd managed to wrap it around her body like a warm blanket, creating the first of her blood clothing. It was essentially just a pair of blood red feety pajamas, but she hadn't exactly been trying to design something amazing.

Now that she was clothed in the warm blood, she was a tad bit calmer and turned around to see what she'd come out of. The symbol for Zeta was on the top of the tube, a name was on the bottom. She recognized the languages for what they were rather quickly, Japanese and French. Muzai Papillon. Innocent Butterfly. Somehow, that name just didn't seem very fitting to her, but she knew it was hers, somehow. Her brain was starting to process a bit better now, she knew where she was, what she was, and from the noise and the violence had figured out that she was probably supposed to be getting out of here. There was also all the other people running, but that didn't really process very quickly in her groggy brain.

Regardless, she ran as she knew she was supposed to, her brain still trying to set up a stable personality in this twisted situation. She knocked people out of her way without regard for their safety, turning the blood on her right arm into a blade just long enough to stab the first person to aim a gun at her, tearing out every drop of blood inside his body along side the blade, turning it into a kind of shield to protect her from the rest of the armed men. She ran and ran, eventually letting the blood she'd be holding around her drop to the ground with a splash, collapsing in some grass, breathing heavily. By this time, her mind had finally settled down and she knew who she was, thought how she'd always think from this point on, and immediately fell asleep.

Upon waking, she immediately realized how stupid it had been to just randomly fall asleep out in the open like this, completely naked. Regardless, she felt she could most likely make use of her current situation. It honestly didn't take her very long to find a man willing to help her out. I mean, she's a beautiful naked woman, why would it take her long to find someone to help her? She toyed with him a little bit, but not enough to get him to actually try anything on her after he'd gotten her some clothes. She even managed to get him to take her to Japan, promising to fulfill his fantasies once she was back in one of her home countries. Sadly, the only thing that man found once they'd gotten to Tokyo was all of his money stolen and the privilege of bring the first person in Tokyo to be skinned, though certainly not the last, by Muzai Papillon. She also happened to use his blood to make her second blood outfit, this one a dark black dress with dark blue trim and her iconic blood red gloves, made from dry, solidified blood.




Highly skilled in hand to hand combat.
Highly skilled with Bladed weapons.
Naturally impressive physical capabilities [Speed/Perception/Raw Strength, though they continue to increase due to her powers, they're a natural ability.]

Extremely Paranoid
Sadistic to the point where she'll waste time torturing someone when she shouldn't be.
Requires blood to use any of her powers, for now.
In the event of her powers being disrupted somehow, she'll end up practically naked wherever she is.
Always smells of blood, so is easily tracked.
Carries DNA evidence of her crimes on her at all times, making her extremely easy to convict should she ever be caught by police.

Primary + Basic Description:Hemomancy, also known as Haemokinesis, Blood Bending, ect. Is basically the ability to manipulate blood to your will. To be more specific, Muzai has the ability to freely control both her own blood as well as the blood of any other living being, as long as it has either left their body or they have an open wound. She can do a number of things with the blood she has obtained dominion over, including oxidizing, de-oxidizing, solidifying, liquifying, reshaping, and just generally making it move around.

In regards to her own blood, she is fully capable of doing whatever she bloody well pleases with it. She could even eject it from her pores to use it to fight with, though she would rather avoid that as it's very easy for her to accidentally make herself bleed to death. As it stands, the main use for the blood in her own body is using it to force movement in her muscles without actually having to do anything. On a daily basis, this is used to train her body, much like how some fighters wear weighted clothing, only for a few hours at a time, granting her above average physical strength and keeping her in shape.

In a combat situation, she can use it to give herself enormous physical strength by forcing her muscles to move considerably faster than they're supposed to. This does leave her sore, but as long as she doesn't go to crazy with it, it generally isn't harmful to her body. By that, I mean the act itself isn't harmful to her body, if she hits something ridiculously hard, even if she has the force to hurt it, she'll probably break her hand, possibly even her arm depending on the recoil, so it's not perfect by any means.

As it's one of her favorite uses for her power, I felt it'd be a good idea to add a full explanation of it here. She loves to be covered in warm, fresh blood as much as physically possible. As such, she actually laces the inside of her clothing with it. It does serve a double purpose, however, as she has hardened it to the point that it could actually qualify as armor and is often layered with the iron particles blood is ripe with near the front, tighter together, making it rather difficult to penetrate.

As she'll often include gloves in her outfits, it's important to note how they function. Because they are made of blood, she can change their shape however she wants as long as she still leaves room for her hand to exist within it, allowing her to make anything from claws to hand blades. Depending on how much blood shes layered onto these gloves, they can also be used to reduce recoil from her physical attacks, making it slightly less dangerous to hit harder objects and possibly people. This ability obviously has a number of other uses not listed here, as its a very diverse power. Basically, the more bloody the battle, the stronger she'll be, though she would be almost useless in a fight against a robot if she had been cleaned and there weren't any other living things around.

She speaks Japanese,English, Italian,French, and Spanish perfectly.





[b]Mirai Nikki[/b] – [i]Yuno Gasai[/i]

Bloody Butterfly

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Japanese,English, Italian,French, and Spanish.
Muzai Papillon

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Re: Papillon, Muzai

Post  Gabriel Jensen on Wed Jul 25, 2012 9:18 pm


1) Using increased blood flow to temporarily enhance physical capabilities I understand, but if I'm reading it right she's undergoing a constant isometric workout, which I don't think would quite happen as you've described. Keeping the active ability to enhance I'll allow, but I'd like you to remove the passive effects or at least lessen them so that she's in nothing more than above average shape.

2) I don't buy blood being able to be molded into practical attire, especially not anything with the consistency of a dress. Forming weapons, armor, and certain accessories are quite alright, but she's going to need real clothes for any public situations (note that she can still wear an entire layer of blood beneath them if she should be so inclined).

3) Having blood in your eyes doesn't serve much purpose other than to really hurt yourself. I don't think blood of any density has any of the properties of a magnifying lens of any sort. I'd like that to be removed.

Other than that, I honestly do like the character. The ability however, was just a bit hard to believe for me.


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Re: Papillon, Muzai

Post  Muzai Papillon on Thu Jul 26, 2012 5:38 am

I made it so she's only using the blood workout thing a few hours a day instead of constantly, just to keep her in shape. Everything else has been removed. Oh, and i did state that she now covers the inside of her clothes with blood instead of directly wearing it for everything except for the gloves, as those are more of a weapon in a sheathed form than a piece of clothing anyway.


Japanese,English, Italian,French, and Spanish.
Muzai Papillon

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Re: Papillon, Muzai

Post  Maxim Jensen on Thu Jul 26, 2012 8:54 am


All seems to be in order.


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Re: Papillon, Muzai

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