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Executioner No. 1408/CQ

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Executioner No. 1408/CQ

Post  1408 on Wed Jul 25, 2012 2:48 pm


”Objectives confirmed, target sighted. Proceeding to eliminate.”


1408 "CQ"

1 month and 41 days old.




Keeper 9.




Standing at 5' 8" feet, the extremely pale CQ is quite pale, with a white hair to supplement her otherwise very albino appearance despite not exactly being one but just merely pale. Her eyes are horrid to behold, it can glow red like that with a wolf-like eyes, and as a result, ain't exactly fit for going into the field without wearing eye-concealing shades, otherwise she'd be as creepy as a mofo with the way her predatory gaze leers wherever. She has a toned build, proper for someone whom goes through field work, and doesn't help that she is in fact combined with an animal DNA to have wolf-like traits, such as sharp pointy carnivorous teeth, strong nostrils, and the inclination to get on all four like a canine at times. Her hair tends to be messy, and frizzy.

Her chest has the swelling to point her to the capacity of C-cups, as her body has a good athletic physique to support her rigorous trials she undergoes to eliminate targets, track or whichever is required of her, which is evident in her well developed shoulder and leg muscles. But suffice to say, these features are human contrary to what minor animal manifestation she has made visible mostly through her head, a distorting thing to have such visages up there which makes her unsuited towards going into public places without proper concealment of the head.

And given how CQ is an Executioner, she dons over her form the Executioner trench coat that conceals whatever implements she carries inside (not a flasher!) Often holding many straps underneath, she wears a sweater under the trench coat, slacks, a belt, some Oxfords, and leather gloves. All are colored black, and she compliments this whole appearance with shades. Often those are equipped in one of the Executioner Deployment Centers before being sent out on a mission depending on what is appropriate for the timing.

CQ is strange in personality given that the only education was how to actually take orders, acknowledge orders, and in instances give reports about the orders whether or not if they failed, and how greatly it was made well is as far as CQ knows how to speak. But otherwise has picked up some lingo now and then much to her curiousity which so far hasn't been taught the meaning of. Her mannerism is mostly about fulfilling the objectives as a singular tracked creature and that's as far as typical Executioner persona goes, but displays some surprising depths of intelligence that comes from the unorthodox training which leaves room for... thinking outside the box.

Like a wolf, she is very territorial of her boundaries, more primal and feral than a human definitely, but blunt too. Having some strange variations that fights back and forth between human rationality and primitive feral nature to which may fluctuate towards logic and just doing what instinct compels her to do, and THEN there is the Executioner programming in her brain that gives her all the necessary things to survive which is to say survival skills and what have you, that in the end, makes for a very interesting mixture of traits that are swirling in a tempest of a nature that she could not very well make her damn mind over and realize what she actually is. Funny enough a subversive element of identity crisis goes on in what she is, and the occasional questioning of the self and a degree of self-sentience exists in an otherwise sorry creature whom was sped up in growth to adult hood and wasn't left time to actually mature and develop. But what is development when Typhon has some perfectly obedient killing machine that are cheaply created?

Dr. Aldrich's journal

Day 01 -

I was just re-assigned to this facility to oversee affairs in Germany after many experimental techniques were implemented even in this innovative field of study that produces Executioners. They are a fascinating bunch, we actually give them life whereas no others would risk doing it! These sorry results are given a new purpose, where society scorns on them, we extol them to higher grounds than ever before. The moralists inside this company would call this a heinous infraction of science, but I call this evolutionary progress to which new boundaries are made every single day. I am to be briefed on what is to go on tomorrow and what are my duties, after all, I am one of the more qualified individuals around here.

Day 02 -

So it seems I was given a batch of Executioners to incubate, to weave them into my very own experimentation and see if I can find anything new in their psyche. The numberings are long and tedious, and bothersome to remember to for each fetus... soon as they grow, suppose I'll name them for simplicity's sake. So far, I combined DNA's using a method that is far too classified to put into this journal in the event some charlatan finds it and reads through it, and tries to spread the secrets around. Damn corporate spies. But anyways, the results were quite successfully smooth, rejection has only been observed in two incubated subjects, an 80% improvement. In about six week's time, all of those Executioners are going to be ready for combat duty with whatever training we gave them.

Day 07 -

1408, I'll call her CQ for short. She was a remarkable subject so far, among these other tier 1's. But so far, she has mastered grammar better than the others, and has displayed a better proficiency at combat. Her wolfish DNA made her a superior tracker that I checked out yesterday, and despite her inferiority as one of the Tier 1, I have faith she will become one of the better results of the incubation than the rest.

Day 19 -

CQ killed Bolt or 1409 without a moment's hesitation. I ordered CQ to attack her "best friend", and such orders registered immediately, so she beat Bolt to death, even when I told her to defend herself, Bolt chose to silently weep and not fight back. As a result, there is blood everywhere that I have to clean up, but in the name of science, this experiment is a resounding success!

Day - 25

CQ learnt the finer points of the English language, but using a weird manner of speaking though that may draw attention, despite a well enough English. I suppose she can't function in a social environment, but looks are fine long as she can take orders and can recognize her superiors. She acknowledges me as her master, but I'll need to find a way to make others get acknowledged. They may say I am getting obsessed over one Executioner... but then again, this one IS my favourite. Even as she is even more socially inept than the other Executioner of her field, which is natural, she will only obey orders, loyalty has been an important thing, and if there is nothing considered in their minds but the primal need to obey, and destroy, then she will be a perfect result to copy her template... but I may have to do something with her glowing red eyes... not sure if this is a manifestation from her own self or a result of something faulty with the gene therapy she has been receiving.

Day - 32

Teaching CQ how to reload a firearm is IRRITATING! Sure skewering someone to death is an easy time, but pointing at something and pulling the trigger is simple, but the reloading mechanism is hard for her to grasp, aside from trying to "pull magic out" of the magazine. This will be a long evening or even week, and it'll be just a few more days before she has to be ready for shipment and combat among the other Executioner batches... if she doesn't know how to use the pistol, or even fight capably, then high command will chew my ass out for letting a large number of the batches die just to observe and enhance someone of singular capacity.

Day - 40

BAH! They forced my hand, I am to install the Tier 1 program into her head to speed up her training drastically, I am sure it'll have lots of side-effects, but this is for the best. I don't think I can manage my experiments in the span of 6 weeks when it takes a human YEARS to master their abilities, whereas an Executioner takes a few weeks. It's best to retard her growth for now and take her out of her annual incubation period to speed up her growth. I only regret not having spent time formulizing her capabilities in a more thorough fashion, but I will learn from this. From CQ, I'll use this training to enhance the next Tier 1 Executioner along just in time! Meanwhile... I'll probably send her off to some sniffer job or something, I suppose I'll be sad to get rid of her, but it'll be worth it, her departure will only strengthen me.

Day - 41

Guess that makes it the last day I get to see CQ, having already sent my report, she'll be doing some jobs here and there, and I made sure to install standardized kits to identify friend and foe, as well as to acknowledge superiors wherever they may be. I may feel that the sudden and accelerated installation over the specialized programming would let some few screws out of place, but this isn't my problem anymore... Dr. Hendricks isn't happy about my handling and the fact we are undersupplying manpower and batches of Executioner for field usage. Then again, a lot of Executioners of the Tier 1 tend to have a loose screw somewhere, but long as she can work, I guess she'll be used till she expires by combat, or if she succeeds... then better for me!

1 Month Later -

Got news that 1408 has been doing quite well against tracking metahumans and eliminating them with the other Executioners. The Black Markets are being tackled hard and fast, the sources are destroyed and so are the sellers and buyers typically with some stragglers, which is to say satisfactory! Now I can go take credits for this and say this was all my idea! I will DEFINITELY be made chief researcher now of Executioner genetics and training. No way this'll go wrong.

Later on that day, all that was found of Dr. Aldrich was that he was transferred to Alaska for Typhon's Preliminary Alaskan "Wildlife" Research, which is to say where when Aldrich tried to capture a bear much to the warning of his colleagues, he got mauled to death and was promptly buried, his notes forgotten and so was he as nothing more than an unfortunate case.




- Flexibility, can bend and arc much more than a normal human.
- Can do parkour.
- Enhanced reaction and vision.
- Proficient in close quarter combat, and ranged combat as per the Executioner programming with an idea how to handle weapons.
- Capable of fighting from range accurately whilst moving at high speeds.

- High profile appearance limits deployment.
- Lacking in social experience in a healthy social environment tends to make 1408 not ideal for social occasions due to the strange mannerisms.
- Inappropriate when left to her designs.
- Schizophrenic behaviour tends to eschew consistency in actions.
- Shortened claws diminish effectiveness in CQC combat, shortening reach.

Primal Wrath :: Predatory Primeval :: Wolfish Combination - To make it simple, CQ has gained the wolfish capacity to be able to detect Children by scent alone in a span of 2 miles (dependent on any trails) with her powerful nose, making her ideal for tracking them down, and discern their age, and sex, and differentiate between a rogue Child and a Typhon Child. There is a certain amount of scent towards Typhon personnel that they purvey given how often they tend to come close to their own products and dwell in their own places. 1408 also has enhanced physique which allows her to move faster on all four of her limbs than on her legs alone, and fights even more ferociously with her wolf claws in CQC, complimented by great speed, enhanced strength, stamina, endurance and durability. Her jaws are strong enough to tear skin easily and chew through tough leathery flesh as a carnivorous predator.

Can speak English with an understanding of words used by military jargon and usage of them as well, German, Russian, Chinese and Japanese as per the Executioner programming.




Dutch, Ares.

Feral Fury

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Re: Executioner No. 1408/CQ

Post  Dante Noel on Wed Jul 25, 2012 3:17 pm


Dante Noel
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