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Ares Lord of War

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Ares Lord of War

Post  Ares on Mon Jul 23, 2012 4:03 pm


”My hunger for battle spans eons, I will feast upon the entrails of peace and violate the chastity of tolerance, my belligerent codpiece will rob all virginal hopes the masses have for there can only be WAR.”


Konstantin Ivanovich Voronin.

85 years old.







When one looks at Ares, they often have to look up to behold his giant form that towers over many mere men and mortals in the area. Such posture and stature befits the man that looms in the very sphere of war, as he is clad in heavy armoring of all sorts and a face concealing gas mask, wearing such bulky equipment that veil his true presence in the face of deceit, as he looms with a forever emotionless face, what gaze into his optics are flushed out by red as it truly is incapable of being seen through. One may think it a feature of the mask, but in reality, is in fact a glow that illuminates from his own enraged eyes.

He stands 7' 5" feet tall, towering over most beings, his form is also wide, and his weight a whopping 426 pounds. He is never seen without his armoring much less his containment suit, and whatever form dwells underneath is marred by the toxic ravages which one would speculate has made his true appearance horrible and ugly to behold. Wherever he walks would be in loud attention-grasping stomps, his voice enhanced and conveyed to the outside with mechanical oscillation, and his voice deep.

Given such vastness he seems to partake in, Ares has a hard time grasping many smaller things typically normal people can, and as such requires specialized things made just for him as a result, and entirely he is far too flashy to ever even hope to sneak by someone, but that is not Ares. He lets mortals quake before his form! To fear his coming, and behold his presence wherever he may dwell.

One would ask, how would a man that was so easily at the earliest age of 11 made to kill an enemy soldier just because Mother Russia said so? That to take a life so easily, to play the role of a soldier as an orphaned child, that would there be any possibility for a healthily developed adult? Nay, that is not Konstantin, a man that is no stranger to war, in fact for all his life that is the one air he breathes in, the one thing he feels besides great fury and rage that seethes in a calmness, for he has mastered whatever anger musters inside him constantly like a swirling tempest forever plaguing a naive hopeful turned into a sour cynic.

Ares is war, and his domain lies in the complete, brutal and utter destruction of his enemies. Everything has no excuses, it is but black and white, with whatever grey that dwells to be nothing more than tactical emphasis and flexibility he uses. He prefers nothing deceptive, rather he prefers not to try anything of that sort, but understands the importance of affairs that requires delicacies, and leaves it to his own military wing and subordinates to handle. But if there is one thing he expects out of everyone underneath him, is that Ares HATES failures, and many have paid the price with their lives robbed to feel his wrath, or worse, a chance of redemption under his otherwise more colorful means of squeezing every semblance of usefulness from them, to extort whatever usage, that only a rare few ever come out alive from the dominating and strict man.

He prizes not human lives, and often sees everyone but a few as expendable, and ultimately they will die a filthy death in the wallows of their human wastes. He is not nice, he is demanding, and he knows this, and he doesn't care to remedy this. He keeps things business-like, straight to the point, and hates ANY points of deviating from the trend, to rouse his legendary fury is to instill a hornet's nest, for he hates his situation, what happened to him, that he could no longer fight in the glorious battlefield given his commander position, and cherishes nothing more than to crush's spine with one vice grip to cripple them forever.

Born in Georgia in a business trip, his parents were traders that dabbled in exporting and importing goods, always traveling together with the entire nuclear family given such coherency and a lack of a home meant that all they had was their trucks to sleep in, partake in their homely business and enjoy whatever goodness that comes. The Soviet Union was a newly made nation some decade ago after the Great War where Germany's defeat was imminent and was caused, often sentiments of betrayal went over there, whereas Soviet Russia kept a hateful eye over the rest of the Capitalist world, and a hate for anything not Communist, extending its hydra-like influences all over the world to keep a hold over the great revolution as per Lenin's teachings and designs in the state... otherwise contradicted by Joseph Stalin, a Georgian countryman that came to rule the Soviet Union with an iron fist.

For years this idyllic scenario went on till one day it all changed, and sparked a rage for war inside an otherwise young Konstantin -- the beginning of Operation Barbarossa in the wake of the German invasion into Soviet Union to control and conquer the lands for living space of Hitler's passion, that toothbrushed piece of shit. Konstantin's parents were killed by an artillery on the borders between the Axis and the Communists to which territories presided, unlike many orphaned children at the time, Konstantin did not flee, he picked up a weapon and fought. It got him to flee more times than he could count into the many long grassed fields in the winter snow, his stench, his lack of bath, hygiene, living space, all fueled his great rage. He was tracked more times by the Germans due to his harassment and guerrilla tactics, something born into him as if it were an innate matter, as if he knew what to do... as if his great yearning for war was awoken by that single artillery shell. He was outgunned, outnumbered, and very PISSED. That's all it mattered. As an unsuspecting child, it was easy to be ignored by German units that didn't know of the reputation of a "Pint sized murderer" running around and slaying Germans in their sleeps, stabbing them with pitchforks from the back, and pulling the pins from their grenades from behind them and running off, having learnt how to use such things from stalking those hated German FILTH.

For a time it went on, that the offensive started picking up on the Soviet end, as a massive Russian army started making one bloody push back, it didn't matter what casualties existed in Soviet Russia, there was only one way they could see, and that is FRONT. No retreat, NO SURRENDER. Only WAR! The Shock Army found a hungry and rabid Konstantin and fed him, having learnt of his heritage and expressed sympathies and pities for a war orphan, but further amazed to learn he fought the Germans as a partisan which caught the attention of a political officer. A son of the regiment as he was called, given a gun this time, as the whole thing felt RIGHT in his hands. Absolutely great to have a PPSH-41 wielded, as the commissar cheered on for young Konstantin to be fighting for the USSR at such an early age.

It was a glorious push, his bravery, and suicidal tendency to charge into the front lines, all those wounds he earned got him the "Hero of the Soviet Union" commemoration, making him into a patron for children around in the Soviet Union as propaganda deems it so to fight on whatever the odds, "Brave little Konstantin" as the tale goes, pushing unto the Germans out of Russia so children in the CCCP can stay safe. Though despite his bloodlust to kill the Germans, Konstantin was plucked out of the battlefield and taken back to be a part of Stalin's cohort as a trophy. To become a symbol of propaganda much to his anger as Berlin fell without him... Stalin didn't want the child's luck to eventually run out and morale to plummet in the Soviet Union.

In his times in Stalin's court, he greeted the mustached man but lacked manners, professing he never had formal education, in either a display of sympathy or to win support, Joseph had him go into schooling and promised him a post in the army as Konstantin insisted. Gaining the education he lacked as a son of a humble trader and his tag-a-long wife, he learnt the finer points of education and knowledge, but that did not soothe his burning heart. Even his commission in the army that came later on didn't have him see much action, after all, he was just a propaganda device... but in the 1950's, he had a hand in Typhon's creation and expansion, dropping names around and using his newfound education to encourage some officers lobbying to have some of Konstantin's own fame and influences on them, would agree as they made quite a strange choice to let a foreign company that is capitalistic in every manner into the Soviet Union's borders in a cooperation, going so far as to establish even the Hydra facility expecting results from Typhon and its founder in this secretive arrangement in a bid for a higher power in Soviet allure to scientific prospects.

In such a way, he guaranteed a post for himself in a corporation for the future, going so far as to overlook many aspects of it all over the Warsaw Pact in the Cold War. But in the later years with the death of Stalin soon dwindled Konstantin's influence as he aged and became a relic of a long gone war that only grandparents and older men would talk about. Having received a commission to oversee a nuclear facility in Chernobyl as per an agreement to transfer some energies and submit reports the scientists make about radiation would turn into a huge clusterfuck. Outside Pripyet, a flash of light blinded Konstantin's eyes as the last thing he saw was death everywhere, and the effects of nuke, radioactive heat seared into his skin and melded the pattern of his clothing unto his bodily form, as his skin shriveled up dry, and pain seared throughout his entire body. Claimed by such a tragedy's wounding, that even the Great Patriotic War failed to debilitate him, that this accident did, had Konstantin rushed to medical attention. His will, and some strange turn of events which cycled and mutated him to a degree which kept such things latent for the most part. Typhon took a hand in medicating him and detoxifying the man who inspired the Russians to adopt them into their fold and even do the unorthodox and buy their nuclear arms RIGHT under the nostrils of the Capitalist Bloc that is NATO on the other side. Typhon's uranium plants and all that in many parts of Russia as a private corporation most atypical of the time.

Konstantin spent his time in great misery though, languishing through the nuclear burns, yet such pain inspired a new hate in him unseen since the Great Patriotic War, it was what kept him going despite being an aging old man by this time. Participating more and more as the Soviet Union declined and fell, into Typhon's affairs as a major aspect of their security operations, and their links to an otherwise newly re-stablized Russia despite years of waning influences wearing off, after all, the collapse of the old regime had meant only those in good cahoots with those that transferred over had a good time prospering.

This further made the bitter Soviet General to take a healthier interests in developing something worthy of his name being dropped so he would be immortalized forever, the very personification of humanity that has the will to oppose the Nazi enemies! The non-existent enemies, the one war he can never stop fighting as if he were going up against gravity itself. Involved in the Descendant Program overseeing the development of "soldierly" traits despite being nothing more than an old man, whose name will forever be remembered! To spread forth the seeds of calamity and chaos for if this program succeeded over at Tartarus... there could only be great changes to the way life itself goes through! How right he was... how wrong the application of it was.

The escape made Ares satisfied with their defiance, proud even of the creations wrought from the six people known as "Originators", him being Ares. The destruction being nothing more than the successful testament of their resolve to fight through whatever huge odds, whatever huge monopolies that deign to enslave them to their designs into something of their very own puppet. He was angry and he was happy at the same time, but more importantly observed such escapes done by them manifesting very strange and mystical powers outside the bounds of science, lapping into the bosom of psuedo-science itself. The ULTIMATE serum.

As the lore goes, Ares among other Originators took the super serum too powerful for the Children, yet plausible for them, even as a frail old man, injected the coarsing liquid to change him into something he is not, greatly agonized by the changes as the latent mutated DNA of his evolved into a completely destructive atomic force that made him almost dead, but vastly more powerful for it. His youth regained, and his radioactive stigma and affliction no longer a curse but a power that made him more powerful for it! But he had a catch to it -- constrained to a suit because of what he radiated toxicity and noxious aura that emanates from his very being, Ares is once again awakened for the fulfilling destiny of eventually going to his very own Valhalla on Earth itself in a bloodthirsty need to satiate what he lacked those many years from combat.

The ex-general like the horseman of war, set about in his sphere for warfare to hunt down these children as he legitimately believes in their redemption, eternally grateful of their defiance, yet wrathful of their insolence as a man of many complexities and mysteries.



- Has an IQ of 210, a standard thing for an Originator.
- Master tactician, Ares presides over the domain of war, and accounts for EVERY possibility in battle were he ever to partake in it.
- Can easily wield large weapons and suffer little recoil from them, especially evident in his easy usage of rotary cannons at hand without suffering a drastic pushback.
- Has vast super strength capable of ripping apart a tank with his barehands.
- Knows how to use every single weapon very proficiently, easily and expertly with little to almost no troubles whatsoever.
- His hate keeps his will together, and makes him absolutely determined, ESPECIALLY if wrathful of whatever occurred to him.
- Well versed in ALL aspects of combat, if there is a jack of all trades, Ares sets the bar for being the master of all his combat trades.
- Vast endurance, and durability.

- Given his suit and weight, he can only walk fast than ever hope to run, and his leaps tend to cause him to cave into any light grounds, or cause craters as a result.
- Easily swayed into a great anger, losing his famed strategical abilities as he would vent out with great fury over the world.
- Appearance and size makes him incapable of melding well in public, thus his presence is often regulated towards the backgrounds, limiting his effectiveness besides relying on commanding his subordinates.
- He does NOT accept failure from his subordinates, anything that even doesn't SOUND like a success in his operation warrants the immediate termination of his underlings, or if he is feeling particularly merciful, put through a test with unfair handicaps that ends up with the operative dead or crippled. This often results in those that failed, especially if skilled and only having made one mistake in their career, to die prematurely before their true potential that could aid Typhon sprout forth.
- Completely incapable of stealth, every time he takes a step, would make a loud sound as if he were stomping.

Atomic Resonance :: Nuclear Influence :: Illustriousness of the Flash - Ares is a walking beacon of everything the Cold War feared -- the usage of nuclear weapons. Always oozing out radiation that he had to wear a specialized suit to prevent it from leaking out of himself, he has the capacity to induce explosions upon impact of his punches or kicks or whichever extension he uses so long as it has to do with impacts, and blow out hot atomic fire from whatever extension of his body is present. In turn, he has immunity to all aspects of radiation and a great resistance to high temperatures. His physical prowess enhanced by such explosive force he can deliver easily with outstanding magnitude capable of collapsing a skyscraper with but a single kick (as in tripping it down from the lowest story and causing it to fall), but the unfortunate thing is that his flame capacities are limited by the fact he wears his suit, lest he removes his gloves, he isn't inclined on using such a capability, which would in turn let his radiation leak out as to make whomever dwells around sick very easily, and eventually die from radiation poisoning if such protective measures aren't taken against it.

Though were he to take off his suit, he has one hold out ability capable of leveling an entire block as to explode himself into a radioactive blast, complete with a mushroom cloud, irradiating the span of the landscape with low level radiations and searing heat to whomever was unfortunate enough to be caught in the blast, if not wiped out. Though such a capacity takes time, as he tends to glow green for it. As an addendum, though his radioactive fire isn't being burned out of his suit, he can easily heat up things with a grasp in but a short amount of time, and tends to ignite gunpowder this way, or melt whatever he needs to with but a grasp.

The drawback towards the radioactive blast would be the time it requires to regenerate from the grievous blast, which is to say a week's time which would put him out of commission for a while.

And as one of the fewer people to manifest regeneration as part of his powers, Ares can regenerate from wounds albeit at a much more slow rate (heal all wounds outside of a thread), but such a capacity to regenerate gives him the durability to withstand otherwise fatal wounds, and easily keep fighting.

Russian, English, Japanese, Spanish, Afrikaans, Arabic, and Chinese.





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Re: Ares Lord of War

Post  Dante Noel on Wed Jul 25, 2012 9:49 am


The Lord of War is Assuming Direct control.
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