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Hayes, Janice 'Marie'

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Hayes, Janice 'Marie'

Post  Janice 'Marie' Hayes on Sun Jul 22, 2012 4:15 pm


"Oh, please run. I want you to think you had a chance.”


Janice 'Marie' Hayes








Janice Marie Hayes- that’s Marie to you - is a petite young woman. She stands at 5’4”, and weighs in at a number that is none of your business. At first glance she seems like your run of the mill attractive woman. She keeps her brown hair cut short, though she avoids most accessories. She will wear her glasses on occasion, though she only needs them to read. As for jewlery- at most, she will wear a set of simple silver earrings or a silver bracelet. While on official Typhon business, her outfits are usually determined by the nature of her mission- though she will dress in a way that toes the line of professionalism. When not on Typhon business, Marie will wear her casual wear- most often a green sweater and skirt with tennis shoes. No matter what she wears, Marie makes sure she always presents with a disarming charm.

Ever since she woke up, Marie has been a real piece of work. Not only had the procedure disoriented her, but when she discovered her power - Corrosion - she was terrified. She was afraid of hurting someone else, and so she adopted a strategy of avoidance. For the very brief time she was around them, Marie kept to herself around normal humans, and refused to use her powers while they were present. By adopting a low profile, she managed to escape from Typhon’s laboratory. She didn’t get far, and Typhon found her. Typhon taught her to not only accept her power, but to embrace it. What had once been a tendency of being a wallflower was twisted to being a veritable snake-in-the-grass.

To her fellow members of Typon, Marie will ever be the polite, yet cold coworker. If you aren’t one of the Originators, a member of the P.U.R.G.E Cell, or another Child she will barely acknowledge your existence. If you happen to be fortunate enough to earn her attentions, she will always greet you. She’ll smile sweetly, or might even make some small talk. But even this is mostly a charade. Her former insecurity has given birth to an inflated pride, one where she views anyone not suitably ‘gifted’ as being inherently inferior to her and her kind. That said, she does not trust her peers, as she knows that the Originators are capable of truly...dangerous things. And so she waits in the shadows, planning for the day when she can exert her will over Typhon itself.

Now, such a goal is certainly long- term, and to get there she will need to become much stronger. And so she gladly undertakes missions by Typhon to hunt down their enemies, including her fellow Children. To her the hunt is a game of cat and mouse, and she is most certainly the cat. It is here that her sadistic side truly shows itself, as Marie will go to great lengths to torment her quarry before finally ending the hunt. For her fellow Children, she sees the hunt as a test of her abilities. She still will view them as prey, but will respect the threat they possess.

The world was dark, and warm. It was quiet, and peaceful- the world was bliss. But that was just a dream- a dream that ended abruptly one cold, lonely day. As the warning alarm sounded, the young woman opened her eyes. It was slow going at first, as they had been closed for who knew how long. But open they did, and through the green-tinted fluid they saw others waking up- other tubes containing their own precious children. As the fluid drained away and the young girl had to stand on her own two feet, the feeling that something very important was going on around her began to dawn on her. She shuffled cautiously out of her erstwhile bed, and noted that a placard in front of the tube was labeled ‘Janice M. Hayes - Xi’. Such a strange name. She thought. Is name?

Her thoughts were interrupted by the distant sound of gunfire, and the sudden realization that she stood alone, in a room of empty tubes. Whether she was last, or simply unlucky, she didn’t know. All she knew was that she needed to leave- now. She hurried towards the sounds of shouting, and soon came across others like her- still sticky with amniotic fluid, looking as scared as she was. She didn’t approach them- she was cut off from them by a squad of security guards. Turning, the girl ran the other way, quickly getting lost in the labyrinthine halls of the Typhon complex. While she was running, a noncombatant ran into her from around a corner. She was a civilian- a researcher by the looks of things, who had been trying to get to safety herself. The name on her security tag was Marie. In the stress of the situation, something triggered inside the young girl’s mind, and she quickly subdued the other woman. Moving stiffly, as if remotely, the young girl took the researcher’s coat and pants for clothes. It was only by luck that she managed to find her way outside while the building was still in a state of confusion. However, she did not find the other escapees, and instead struck out on her own. She wanted to be rid of this frightening place, with it’s guns and tubes and who knew what else.

She made it one day before Typhon forces found her. By this point she was dehydrated, starved, and exhausted. Unwilling to fight back, the girl who now called herself Marie allowed the Typhon forces to escort her back to the facility. Since that day, she’s learned so many things. She has undergone an intense physical and mental training regimen, honing her already noteworthy skills. She studied several languages centered on the Mediterranean, a place that she felt drawn to. She even underwent frequent ‘immersion’ training- where she would go out amongst the ‘normals’- with supervision, of course - in order to observe them. To see how they acted, and how to pick out potential ‘tells’ that would indicate a target was in the crowd. And most important of all, she learned to trust no one but herself. It has been some time since then, and Marie can sense that the storm of conflict is brewing. And no matter what winds would come, she would be ready. She would survive.




-Having been in the role of the observer for some time, Marie has an eye for detail and can use it to her benefit when tracking her targets.
- She has a knack for reading body language.
- Likewise, her ability to blend in with the crowd makes her an excellent hunter in urban areas.

- Marie's astounding hubris threatens to undermine any activity she takes part in. She may respect her fellow Children, but may still underestimate their capabilities. She outright ignores humans as she doesn't see a way for them to be a threat to her.
- As a schemer, Marie will tell people the words that they want her to say, as opposed to the truth. With all the networking she's doing, she's bound to slip up every now and then. When these slip ups do appear, the credibility she loses could undo months of hard-earned political support.
- Marie's powers are taxing on her body, and drive her metabolism to run high. She needs to eat regularly to keep up with them.

Corrosion- "to eat or wear away gradually as if by gnawing, especially by chemical action". Simply put, Marie's power manifests in an ability to emit or excrete a number of acidic compounds. The method by which these compounds are used by Marie varies greatly, from purely defensive to purely utility. Also innate to her power is an immunity to her own acid- but not her belongings. If she isn't careful, she very well could dissolve her own clothes (or the ground she stands on)

Corrosion::Primary::Acid Cloud - After a swift inhalation of air, Marie belches out a noxious cloud of acidic fumes. This thick, green-purple cloud obscures vision for those inside it, and burns the eyes and inflames the lungs of those who breath it in. Long term exposure to the cloud can result in chemical burns, asphyxiation, or other side effects of hazardous chemical exposure. The cloud will persist in the air for 10 minutes or so, unless a strong breeze (20 mph or so) comes by to disperse it. Using this power is akin to vomiting for Marie, so she is not keen on repeated uses of it.

Corrosion::Secondary::Acid Touch - The glands on Marie's hands excrete a chemical which, on contact, drastically accelerates the rate at which metal oxidizes. Called by some a "Rust Grasp", this power can cause some metals to simply crumble away after a few seconds. Note that metals that do not oxidize and alloys are immune to this power, as it only accelerates the process.

Corrosion::Tertiary::Acid Spit - At this stage, Marie's physiology adopts some decidedly serpentine qualities. Specifically, her saliva becomes dangerously acidic, and she becomes capable of projectile expectorating the acid an another. This 'Acid Spit' will usually be aimed at the eyes, and can blind a foe temporarily. It also means that if she bites, or kisses, someone they are exposed to the acid.

Corrosion::Final::Acid Skin - At this point, Marie's body undergoes another drastic change. Her skin takes on a greenish-purple hue, and her eyes a dull yellow hue. Glands all along her skin secrete an acidic film which coats every inch of her body. Non-living matter which touches this film will dissolve quickly from contact, while living tissue is burned horribly. Note that this includes Marie's own clothes- a fact she will have to deal with at the time.

Marie speaks English, Greek, Arabic, and Italian



Please, call me either Puwa or Jim.

None others at this time.

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Janice 'Marie' Hayes
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Re: Hayes, Janice 'Marie'

Post  Gabriel Jensen on Sun Jul 22, 2012 6:17 pm


Acid girl is ready to break it down. Yeah I'm funny.
Gabriel Jensen
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