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Gabriel's Equipment

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Gabriel's Equipment Empty Gabriel's Equipment

Post  Gabriel Jensen on Sat Jul 21, 2012 9:57 pm


Gabriel's Equipment Bod1 Gabriel's Equipment Bod2 Gabriel's Equipment Bod3

- RAGE Serum
- Shield
- Achilles Mask V1
- Achilles Mask V2

- Hypodermic injection
- BTR 80 Armored Personnel Carrier
- Mask
- Mask

RAGE Serum:
Gabriel's Equipment PPSS-Group-Hypodermic-Needle-image1
Gabriel's Equipment Btr80
Achilles Mask V1:
Gabriel's Equipment VlO4BnvTX0cwSD0-1

Achilles Mask V2:
Gabriel's Equipment A

- The RAGE serum was specially crafted by Typhon's scientists as a personal tool for Achilles. As the name suggests, the serum is used to stimulate anger in the brain through the use of rage causing neurotoxins. By injecting the drug directly via a hypodermic needle, Gabriel can effect his own enhancement in a matter of minutes. When traveling, he usually carries a small suitcase containing twelve doses.
- The Shield is a Russian BTR 80 APC, and Gabriel's personal transport. An eight wheeled amphibious vehicle capable of traversing slopes of up to sixty degrees and reaching speeds of ninety miles per hour, the Shield leaves its owner with few destinations out of reach. Armed with both a 14.5 mm KPVT and a 7.62 mm PKT machine gun, it is by no means lacking in firepower, though a chance to use it is rarely presented. For obvious reasons, the Shield is rarely if ever taken into the cities, and is prohibited in areas where Typhon holds less sway. In general, it remains within the Russian boundaries and occasionally ventures out onto the Eurasian frontier.
- A mask of extremely durable titanium alloy, the Achilles V1 is a step up from the RAGE serum's inoculations. Rather than injecting oneself just before a battle, by donning the mask, a steady flow of nuerotoxins are dispersed into the body of the wearer through two small spikes designed to dig into the flesh on either side of the jaw. However, the Achilles V1 is still highly experimental technology that has not yet been used in combat. Thus far, it is also the only method by which Gabriel has been able to briefly tap into the third level of his power.
- Currently no more than a blueprint, the Achilles V2 is someday meant to unlock Gabriel's full potential. More will be revealed.
Gabriel Jensen
Gabriel Jensen

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Gabriel's Equipment Empty Re: Gabriel's Equipment

Post  Maxim Jensen on Sat Jul 21, 2012 11:02 pm


Fuck your APC, I have a baseball bat
Maxim Jensen
Maxim Jensen

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