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Vagner, Devlin

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Vagner, Devlin

Post  Devlin Vagner on Sat Jul 21, 2012 6:43 pm


”Adapt to survive. Adapt to fight. Adapt to the situation. Just adapt.”


Devlin Michem Vagner.



3/4 American, 1/4 German.






A tall young adult, with unruly medium-length brown hair. Devlin is most often seen wearing a distinctive black leather bomber jacket with fur trim on the collar and a v-neck white shirt underneath. He wears black pants along with three interconnecting belts and black boots and gloves. He has a silver chain necklace with a Griever pendant and a matching ring. He has a distinctive scar that goes across his brow and down part of the bridge of his nose. This scar was gotten during the great escape of the facility. Devlin is fair skinned and has a toned and broad physique. He stands at six feet tall and weighs about 190 pounds. His eyes are a fierce blue, showing a strange combination of calm with a little bit of intensity. When he walks, he walks with a certain strength about him, like he knows wheres hes going at all times. His voice is more filled with a hint of caring though at times carries sarcasm with it. When in an argument he will often raise his voice to a more authorative tone, which is usually a indicator that he is losing his temper.


Devlin has a rebellious spirit. He was ready and willing to crack some skulls when there was a chance for escape. He is one who will not just accept defeat without a fight and even then when he is beaten and bloody he will put up a struggle. He is not a fan of Gaia or Typhoon, believing them both to be as much of an evil as the other. Granted Typhoon might be worse but, he doesn't really care. As far as he is concerned Gaia's "join or die" policy doesn't really work with him. He also doesn't take orders well, unless it were someone he respects, and as it stands that numbers out to maybe one person. Even then... its shaky who or even if he respects them. There is one person on the earth that he seems to care enough about to hang out with him, his adopted brother Dante Noel. They had helped each other escape that night and he has grown to care for him... no matter how odd or strange he may be. He has ironically grown the older brother mentality, the irony being that he is younger than Dante. He will protect Dante with his life if he has to. He will also every once in a while pick on him, only for fun and not trying to do him harm at all.

Devlin will also stand up for people who are being attacked or bullied by someone or a group of people. This may have been cause while in the program, Devlin was trained to protect the other children from not just outside threats but, the children themselves. This could have caused this behavior to form but, then again, it very well could have been in his DNA to do so. To go along with this, Devlin is a sucker for a damsel in distress. Even if they are fake tears, he will fall for the rouse every single time. This is not to say he is too trusting, it is that he is powerless against women. Choosing not even to cause them harm, which is a weakness very easily exploited. Though it sounds like it, he really isn't all that serious and to allot of other people is a rather sarcastic smart ass, ESPECIALLY to authority figures. He simply out right loathes them, why? Most likely because of his rebellious personality, not to mention the last ones kept him prisoner and are trying to hunt him down. Devlin also has quite the short temper, getting frustrated when things aren't going according to plan or even when people are being annoying. Coupled with this is his reckless behavior, throwing himself into the thrills of combat and getting in the way of someone harming another.


A cylindrical tank is what we zoom in on. A tank that is filled with a liquid that gurgles from bubbles produced by the being sleeping within and the oxygen machine he uses to breath. The young man is but a slumbering weapon. At least that was the plan for him wasn't it? Little did people know this slumber was about to be disturbed, not planned of course. The tank opened spilling its contents out. Devlin picked self off the ground, currently on all fours. He began looking around trying to regain his focus. The world swirled a bit and when it began to settle down, he began to raise himself up. He observed others like him, other.... "children." In truth he was still not all there. Slowly images of his training began to resurface. People he had fought to protect others. Other children he had fought to protect the ones they picked on. This was when he realized there was a blond man standing up as well. It wasn't like it was anything spectacular, so he wasn't inclined to show interest.

It seemed now was the time for a break out and Devlin was fully ready to go. But as he began to follow the blonde haired man with a few others, he heard the sound of crying. Investigating he stumbled on to a full grown man... crying like a small child. During closer inspection he found it was somebody he had protected often, due to his... odd behavior he was often subjected to bullying and Devlin had always been the one to get them to lay off. Well, he couldn't very well just leave him there... What a pain. But, reluctantly he picked the man up and began traversing to follow the other. This is truly where his training kicked in as, he set Dante down in safe spots once in a while and began using his powers to get the drop on guards. But, on one of his journeys back, he found that Dante had been discovered and had blood and gore all over him. It was a ghastly sight that would normally shock people. But, Devlin wasn't a normal person now was he? The strangest sight was probably the giant beast like thing that seemed to be keeping watch over Dante and following his orders. With Dante and his new companion they were able to catch up with the other children and bust their way out.

They followed the others for a little bit but, Devlin found it was probably a better idea to split off from the group as they were just one mass of targets and took Dante and himself in another direction... Not seeing the other children anymore.


The two years after that day were interesting to say the least. Devlin had gotten his new found comrade to Cairo. He didn't leave him there by himself, however, he did end up exploring. He would go out for weeks on end though, stopping by to drop off supplies and such. What was he doing you ask? He was making money and every once in a while when he ran across a mugging, bullying, or even a random fight he went to fix it. Though this was usually done by force he was never really caught, always getting away by using his power and taking people by surprise. He was never too busy however to stop in on Dante, his newly adopted younger brother. The irony being that Dante was younger.




-Master at hand to hand combat.
-Proficient at Melee combat.
-Proficient at fire arms. Mostly Hand guns.
-Naturally above average strength, athletics, and speed.
-He is mentally ready to adapt to situations where others would freeze up.
-Proficient at Parkour.

-Short tempered.
-Restless, and has to keep moving if he is not sitting. Aka fidgets and what not.
-Very gullible when it comes to women. He will fall for the fake tears routine every time.
-Reckless. Heads into danger with little thought.
-Dirty minded. Finding even the smallest innuendo in a normal sentence.
-Hes just god awful at dancing.


Omnilocation the state of being everywhere at once, in multiple locations at once, or seeming to be everywhere at once.

Omnilocation :: Primary :: Into the wormhole :: Teleportation - The power to move instantaneously from one location to another without physically occupying the space in between. The user can move somewhere without physically traveling: user thinks of a destination and can appear there at will. User’s molecules may travel at light-speed or may be realigned mentally at target destination, may use quantum superposition, in which the user teleports by replacing and restocking energy in a spatial behavior. Whichever it may be, not even hes entirely sure, the appearance of it is him disappearing and reappearing in a different spot in an instant.

Note that this power allows only transportation in space, not in time or to/from different dimensions(If they exist).


  • Teleport out of harm's way.
  • Teleport great distances, reducing travel time. Though only within line of sight.
  • Teleport objects to another location, creating instant mailing. But, only if the objects are with him.
  • He retains moment so he can teleport and punch or kick someone.


  • He can not Transport others, with or without him, at this level.
  • He can not transport objects alone, or without him.
  • Can only teleport within line of sight. So no teleporting through walls, people, and so forth.
  • Thought retaining momentum has its advantages it is also bad cause he may run into a situation llike running into a wall if moving too fast when he teleports.
  • His power is easily stopped if he becomes blindfolded with a material that obscures his entire view.

Omnilocation :: Secondary :: Walking with the sun :: Manifold Presence -



Omnilocation :: Tertiary :: Shattered Images :: Worlds Collide -



Omnilocation :: Final :: The Bridging Of Worlds :: Portal Between -



He is fluent in English, German, Russian, Greek, and Spanish.





[b]TETSUYA NOMURA/FINAL FANTASY[/b] – [i]Squall Leonhart[/i]


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Devlin Vagner
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Re: Vagner, Devlin

Post  Maxim Jensen on Tue Jul 24, 2012 2:30 am

Archive date is the 4th.


"I'm a runaway train on a broken track, I'm the ticker on the bomb that you can't turn back this time."

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Re: Vagner, Devlin

Post  Dante Noel on Wed Jul 25, 2012 1:10 pm


Everything looks good to me, just remember to add your languages to your siggy please and thank you~
Dante Noel
Dante Noel

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Re: Vagner, Devlin

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