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Shiraji, Jasmine

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Shiraji, Jasmine

Post  Jasmine Shiraji on Sat Jul 21, 2012 12:51 pm


”...Please don't make me end you.”


Jasmine Shiraji








Standing straight, Jasmine stands at 5' 7" and weighs 127 lbs. She has a slight hourglass figure and pale, creme colored skin. Her eyes are deep pools of cyan color covered by a set of ovular glasses, lenses set in red framing. From her head come down long, flowing locks of cherry blossom pink pair, an unexpected mutation from the Psi serum, falling down in tresses to her waist. She often wears a white strapless dress that falls to her mid thigh, or a tank top and short shorts when in the privacy of home. She has little to know muscle that shows, most of her curves being supple and smooth. Her face is almost heart shaped, her rosy lips and cheeks a huge contrast from her creme skin. On her left arm, in bold black ink, is a tattoo of her letter, Psi. On that same arm, you can usually find a satchel filled with drawing supplies: pens, paper, crayons, etc, along with several small, black throwing knives.

Jasmine is very emotionaly distant from the others of Gaia. She tends to stay quiet and to herself, doing what's needed to better Gaia. She feels seperate, but she knows she isn't. She tends to watch and observe, acting to situations acorrdingly. She often can be see meditating to try and improve her powers, mostly my trying to move things she can't see and try and lift heavier objects. She tends to be 'the outsider looking in', not particularly paying attention to anybody around her unless they peak her interest, as in the case of Maxim, who she keeps tabs on regularly. Most people have a cold shoulder...Jasmine has perfected it, showing it to both the scientists and her comrades if they manage to piss her off, which could cause nearby items to 'mysteriously' levitate around her. She tends to keep herself from getting extremely angry in public as to avoid the performance.

Though, this is usually when she's around people. By herself, she can be seen doing something she doesn't normally: smile. Her emotion is channeled through her training and her art. In fact, if she ultimatly doesn't feel like talking, she'll take out a large notebook and write down her words, ofthen with a little face on the bottom demonstrating what emotion she's trying to convey. She often walks straight up, a serious and concentrated look on her face, no doubt thinking on ways she can be useful and help Gaia to further her goals. Rarely has she dropped this cold guard of hers, and has built itself up during her training sessions in Tartarus, gaining reign of her powers as well as trust issues.

She remembered bits and pieces before the escape...mental training. They forced her to try and move objects from one place to another, flip switches from across the room, and fire weapons without touching them. Time after time she tried, and time after time she failed. With every time she spoke through her tears to say she couldn't do it, she was bashed in the face with a security baton and yelled at to try again, and this would continue for hours before they slammed her back in the tube. Then came a hiss as her pod was opened. She had lingering blue color on her creme skin, her chest draped over with her cherry blossom hair, trying to get her legs back; she had no idea how long she had been in there this time. It was one of the others, she had surmised, and she was one of the last to be let free. She was glad, too, since she was naked at the time till she saw a dead scientist. She didn't yet remember why her body was different from the yellow haired's but she felt embarrassed. She apologized to the corpse in her mind as she wiggled him out of his labcoat and buttoned it up as she ran with the others.

Sirens, yelling, gunshots, it was the loudest she had ever heard the sterile laboritory. She ran behind the blonde haired man that had released her, and out into the world. In her memory, this was the first time being somewhere there was no ceiling or scientists, but guards were everywhere. One held her at gunpoint, her standing with her hands in the air. Then she noticed a pen in the front pocket of the labcoat, and focused on the signature writing utensil. The man came closer to her, his hand outstretched at her chest, but then he noticed the pen was floating, its point staring at him. Then, in less than the blink of an eye it seemed, went flying straight into his eye. He crumpled to the floor, gripping his face, as the pink haired woman ran through the sand. She continued to follow the blonde savior. He had folders in his arm, and it peaked her curiosity, HE peaked her curiosity. But for the next two years, she lived as a struggling artist in a small apartment in Venice, a waitress in Rome, and a magician in the streets of London. She wanted to explore what she had only heard mention of, to quell the curiosity behind her stony expression. For those two years, she lived. But she could never forget the hands that beat her, the baton, or those on the other end. Those that experimented with her mind and body, branding her with no more than a letter. She was contacted, with only a destination and a signed to her with yet another letter...Alpha. Enclosed within the envelope the message was in was a picture with the blonde haired savior. She knew that she would go Soon, she found a home with him and the others in a cabin. She walked up to the roof to look at the sun, running over her name in her head. He heard him mention a rebellion and she stood next to him, looking at him with a blank face, but eyes full of excitement.

"When do we start?"




-Is a very fast runner
-Extremely talented artist
-Talented liar
-Talented with light throwing weapons.

-Not used to physical pain
-Her emotional distance can make her a tad hard to work with.
-She must have constant focus to properly utilize her power.
-When she becomes to angry, objects around her will start to float, blowing her cover.

POWER:Telekinesis: First Aspect: Matter Movement:-Due to her utilization of her unlocked brain capacity, she is able to, well, move objects. There is a focus to weight ratio that must be advised, meaning the heavier the object, the more focus that must be placed to move it. Also, the larger the object, the less force she can project it with. For an example, Jasmine can float an apple around the room at a high speed, but lifting, say, a TV set is slower and takes more time to move. In an example through battle, she can force open locks, fire small objects at high velocity, and lift heavier objects for cover. She can also use this to toss objects for a distraction, or try and yank someone's weapon away. She can only move objects to places she can see and must concentrate on said object At first aspect, her weight limit is 100 lbs, but can and will increase as her aspects are increased.

-Speaks English, Japanese, French, Italian, and Spanish




None so far.

[b]UNKNOWN/Vocaloid[/b] – [i]Luka Megurine[/i]


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Jasmine Shiraji
Jasmine Shiraji

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Re: Shiraji, Jasmine

Post  Dante Noel on Sat Jul 21, 2012 4:24 pm


1) Just want to make sure you know that a 5'7 woman who weighs 107 lbs is drastically under weight and would lack the curves you describe.

2) Just wanna make sure you passed off that last bit of history with Ross.

3) No one has naturally pink hair. I can understand if she dyes it...But i doubt they did that for her while at the complex. Or is it a random mutation due to the serum?

4) Your picture is broken, try running it threw an image hosting service like Tinypics to fix that problem.

5) WHAT HAS SHE BEEN DOING FOR THE PAST 2 YEARS?!?!?!?!?! Come on people thats kinda important!!

6) You need to read, its stated that your strengths and weaknesses must be equal in number.
Dante Noel
Dante Noel

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Re: Shiraji, Jasmine

Post  Gabriel Jensen on Sat Jul 21, 2012 7:09 pm


It looks like all of the things mentioned have been appropriately tweaked. Welcome to Gaia.
Gabriel Jensen
Gabriel Jensen

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Re: Shiraji, Jasmine

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