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Klein, Otto

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Klein, Otto

Post  Otto Klein on Fri Jul 20, 2012 10:48 pm


”I took a chance, and I made it on my own.”


Otto Klein




Theta Θ




Spiked blonde hair, designer shades, blue long sleeved high-collar shirt, matching slacks and leather belt, and a pair of black suede shoes to finish his outfit. Most would see this as quite the intimidating getup, and coupled with his usual personality it works well to keep him out of trouble. Standing at 5'10'', and having a rather slim build helps for his "look" as well.

Otto keeps himself with a clean shave at all times, facial hair clashing with how he invisions himself. When not wearing his glasses, this brings attention to his bright amber eyes, but he isn't the type to leave home without his shades.

He'll change his attire from time to time, trading in for a regular t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers, but only when he feels he can relax. Most of the time, that's never. He also keeps his cellphone handy, and can be seen with it at times, although he is quick to delete his history and contacts once he decides to cut ties.

On the outside, Otto puts on the typical "badass" front. Attempted smooth talking, lax composure, the works. This is a front though. On the inside he is quite the coward, and will quickly attempt to avoid trouble in a manner of ways. His first option is to try and talk his way out of the situation, but if that fails... it's time to run. The streets of Germany can be harsh, and Otto knows just how heavy they can try to come down on a man. Luckily for him he's been able to avoid that so far, but life on the run isn't easy. Especially for a man who can't bring himself to use his silver tongue on a cute girl.

Otto does try to keep his powers a secret if he can help it. He enjoys blending in with normal people, not having to be subject to unwanted stares or rumors, no matter how deserved for true they may be. If he is forced to use them, that's when he usually skips town and finds a new place to call home. Knowing he will eventually run out of places to go, in time, Otto makes a mental note of how long it's been since he lived in certain areas, as well as how long he actually stayed there. Surprisingly, he has never gotten these numbers confused, showing great memorization skills.

Due to his "traveling", the guy has developed a knack for creating pseudonyms on the fly. In one city he could be known as "Arnold Wolf", and in another he could be calling himself "Axel Biermann". Still, even with fake names he can't change his face. Aware of this, he also changes his hairstyle or color from time to time.

Otto's escape from Tartarus is blurry to him at best. From what he remembers, someone freed him, and someone tried to thwart his escape, but anything other than that has been lost. The only thing after that time he can actually recall is being aboard a plane heading for Germany.

On route he panicked, not exactly knowing how he had gotten there, or who had left him the baggage above his seat. Quieting down as not to cause a scene he decided it would be best to simply allow things to play out as they would. Arriving in Germany he took to the airport restroom with his bag, going through it hastily. Within was a change of clothes, along with a dog-tag. It had some sort of symbol upon it (later he discovered it to be the Greek letter Theta), along with his name and date of birth.

With no identification aside from the tags, and what little memory he had left, the boy quickly fabricated a likely story for his past before getting a proper ID. This became quite the routine over the years as he hopped from town to city to town. In Berlin he was Alfred Hawk, street performer. Finding himself in trouble seemed to be Otto's forte, and each time he would move. It was his first tussle in Berlin that his powers manifested, and he left a man knocked out in an alleyway. Moving his way to Breuberg, he became known as William Travis, and Leo Oswald after moving to Kirn. Now settled in Hamburg, Otto is using the pseudonym Paul Vogel, and has taken up playing guitar and panhandling to make his due for the Inn which he stays at night.

Otto knows it isn't the right thing to do, lying about his past and keeping up a charade, but it's what he must do. Typhon will come for him, and he doesn't need anyone to be caught in the crossfire when that day comes. He's made it on his own so far, and that's how he intends things to continue. Let's just not get into too much trouble along the way, eh?




- Advanced memorization skills
- Above-average running speed
- Quick thinker

- Cowardly
- Not very strong
- Cute girls

Kinetic Barriers, Primary Aspect: Shields and Domes - Otto is able to create kinetic barriers with a simple movement of his hands. Not very useful for physical combat, but what he lacks in offense this makes up for in defense. Depending on the amount of energy he exerts, these barriers have been proven to stop even a speeding car, and when an object hits the shield or dome, it will go back in the direction it came at two times its previous velocity. The downfall to this ability is that he cannot maintain a barrier while on the run, and most always has to remain in place to form one. It also takes concentration to keep the barrier in existence, meaning that if he is distracted in any way it could dissolve. These barriers can vary in size and shape, but the largest he can manage is a dome reaching 20 feet in diameter, himself being the central point.

German and English




None at the moment.

[b]To Aru Majutsu No Index[/b] – [i]Tsuchimikado Motoharu[/i]

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Otto Klein
Otto Klein

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Re: Klein, Otto

Post  Maxim Jensen on Mon Jul 23, 2012 10:56 pm


Post in the rosters and put languages in your sig brah.


"I'm a runaway train on a broken track, I'm the ticker on the bomb that you can't turn back this time."

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Maxim Jensen
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