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Jensen, Gabriel

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Jensen, Gabriel

Post  Gabriel Jensen on Fri Jul 20, 2012 2:56 pm


“They took everything I had, but part of me survived.”


Gabriel Jensen, alias Achilles



Half American, Half English





The first thing one might think when looking upon Gabriel is that he is a very big man. Standing 7’3” (2.2 meters) and weighing in at a 326 pounds (148 kg), the very sight of him is enough to intimidate lesser men. His body is densely muscled, and heavily scarred through years of both training and torment. Gabriel’s hair is blonde and generally unkempt, stretching down to about his shoulder. Depending on how long he goes without returning to a Typhon safe house, he may or may not have a noticeable beard growing along his highly defined jaw. He is not an attractive man, possessing a sharp square face, broad nose, and a thin mouth. His eyes, gray with the slightest hint of green, are concealed beneath the shadow of a stern and heavy brow.

Gabriel dresses for functionality over all else, preferring to wear as little impeding clothing as possible. A-shirts are his preferred style of top, with jeans or fatigues being his favored leg wear. If not traveling barefoot, he is always seen in a pair of black leather boots. In colder climates, he often supplements this attire with a brown trench coat, and occasionally a matching beret.

In complete fairness, nobody truly knows what this man’s real nature is. Unfortunately, it seems unlikely that anyone ever will. Gabriel Jensen has been kept in a constant state of anger since his transformation into Achilles began. He feels little besides rage, and shows this in his behavior. It is not unheard of for the man to fall into unexplained fits of thrashing, or to scream out with no discernable cause. How has Typhon managed to keep such a violent being under their control for so long? Very, very carefully.

Incessantly berserk, intelligence is obviously not his strongest suit. On the surface he seems little more than a savage. Though capable of a normal level of competent thought for a human, reasoning is something he has almost completely abandoned. In addition, his tendency to speak in fragments of sentences is actually due to lack of necessity rather than lack of ability. A proper assessment of his IQ can not be made, but researchers have managed to place it at around 85.

In what might be called a previous life, the man now known only as Achilles was short-spoken individual, stern though by no means violent. He had been antisocial because of this, and though he had never gone out of his way to help others, would not have passed up a good deed that came his way. He was an average man, if only a quiet one.

Now, the monster known as Achilles has voided almost entirely the personality once held by Gabriel Jensen. There is little more behind the creature than sheer, indomitable rage. Even if he could somehow be torn apart from his ability, no one can say what years of excruciating experimentation and torture have done to his original disposition. Indeed, it seems that there is no hope for this man. He is a tool of Typhon, a savage.

Gabriel Jensen’s premature awakening was not a pleasant one. Preserved in a stasis chamber for an unknown period of time, he suddenly found himself thrust into a world of white light and emergency sirens blaring from all angles. Shattered glass and stasis fluid lay on the ground around him, and the sounds of battle could be heard all around him as his long closed eyes adjusted to their surroundings. He was confused, frightened even. After a lengthy and peaceful slumber, he was suddenly thrust into a world of chaos.

Gabriel was, in such a state, much like a newborn child. Like any newborn, he emerged into his new life kicking and screaming. Unlike many of his fellow Children however, his instincts betrayed him, he fought when he should have fled. The young man could feel his body pulsing with energy, his trembling appendages pleading with him to put them to use. He began pounding on the hard floor below him, feeling it strain and crack beneath the force of his blows. He didn’t know what he was doing, only that it was what his body wanted him to do.

Then the men with the guns came. He remembered guns. They were powerful, they were terrible, and usually they were held by people who wanted you dead. These men had to go. They had to leave him alone. He would make them.

The soldiers hesitated at first. It proved to be a fatal mistake. They’d threatened a beast, and were unprepared for the repercussions. As many of his fellow escapees ran in the opposite direction, Gabriel sprinted against the tide, throwing one of them out of his way as he targeted the men with the rifles. They kept their weapons trained on him, but still would not fire. In truth, the firearms were mostly for show. All the men present knew how valuable the subjects were, and that keeping them alive was top priority. All except Grabriel that is, who saw only the danger in the situation. His mammoth hands tore one rifle free from its owner’s grasp, and keeping the barrel clench in his fist he set about dispatching the guards, using the butt of the weapon as a club.

A thunderous crack against one man’s jaw sent him reeling, and another was felled by a sweep to the gut. The final man threw his hands up in the air, managing to squeak out the first half syllable of the word “wait” before his forehead was informally introduced to Gabriel’s left elbow.

A second wave of guards was quick to arrive after the first, this group greater in number and bearing more effective tools for taking down their target. Gas began to fill the room, and Gabriel soon became aware of a sluggish feeling passing through his body. The thick smoke beckoned him to rest, yet inside himself he could feel a different force propelling him onward. He threw himself, albeit more sloppily this time, into the heart of the phalanx of men. Bodies flew from one end of the room to another, screams drowned out the blaring alarms. In the midst of the fray, a dart flew forward and pierced the flesh of Gabriel’s neck. The gas he could resist, but this was something far more potent. He was losing momentum quickly now, and soon a second dart had found itself in his shoulder, followed by a third in his chest. The guards began wrestling him down just as hunter might tie down a bear. The behemoth was inhaling in shallow gasps now, prepared to succumb to these men and their weapons.
“That’s quite enough,” a voice, masculine and powerful was the last things to register in his mind before all descended into a haze of shapes, sounds, and shadows.


He remembered little else after that. Mostly, he remembered a dark room with walls as thick as his own arm span and chains of immeasurable durability holding him fast against the wall. He remembered struggling for some time, days or perhaps weeks, before finally resigning to his predicament. Needles, lights, vague but reassuring fragments of sentences whispered into his ear, masked faces carefully observing him, voices speaking of him as if he were not there to hear it, he remembered all of these things.

He did not remember finding out that his name was Gabriel, but he knew somehow that it was. At least, he had thought it was until the day the man who called himself his father appeared in the doorway of his dank cell. The man did not seem like a father, but he did seem powerful.

He remembered very little of what the man who was supposed to be his father had said to him, but he remembered the hands that reached up and effortlessly shattered the chains he had struggled against for so long. He remembered the pain freedom gave him as he fell to the cold and hard ground beneath him. Mostly though, he remembered a word.





-Skilled in hand to hand combat and use of large pummeling weaponry
-Quick reflexes
-Surprisingly cunning
-Semi-skilled machinist

-Highly unintelligent
-Socially inept
-Far less effective in ranged combat
-His size makes it difficult to blend, or indeed fit into some areas

Rage, Primary Aspect: Strength Enhancement- Simply put, when he’s pissed off, he’s a helluva lot tougher. Unfortunately for anyone standing in his way, he’s usually pissed off. Without utilizing his power, Achilles is easily capable of manhandling most individuals, and with heavy exertion and proper support can briefly lift in excess of 700 pounds. Once enraged however, he can heave nearly ten tons up onto his shoulders. In addition, his stamina is greatly increased, allowing him to fully exert himself for roughly one hour without rest. The ability however, has no affect on his physical durability.
Rage, Secondary Aspect: Battle Trance- In the second aspect, Achilles is able to channel a sort of berserker fury that virtually nullifies all pain that his body would normally feel. However, the logic centers in his brain must be temporarily cut off, to allow him to submit to the power of his own raw adrenaline. This makes him not only unaware of his pain, but also unable to comprehend any sense of danger. While this does make him immune to all hesitation, it also makes him incapable of retreat, even if his body is on the brink of collapse. Because of the hysteric nature of the trance, his strength and stamina are also multiplied, allowing him to lift 15 tons and fully exert himself for three hours.
Rage, Tertiary Aspect: Battle Aura- Achilles’ rage extends beyond the point of human containment, and takes physical form in his battle aura. Though as of now he is unable to properly harness the blood red aura, repeated and rigorous tests by Typhon have been able to prematurely triggered it for brief moments to be studied. These tests find that the aura is in fact excess energy Achilles’ body is incapable of storing, literally flowing from every pour in his body in a form of radiation that has thus far gone undiscovered. The phenomenon defies the description of current scientific knowledge, and remains a mystery. What is known however, is that while roughly doubling the physical effects of his secondary aspect, he also becomes incredibly hard to do damage to, as the energy being released from his body serves as a sort of shield against physical attacks. Yet while the radiation defends him externally, each second he remains in direct exposure to it further decays his body.
Rage, Final Aspect: Critical Point- Reaching a point of what can only be described as infinite power, Achilles’ battle aura reaches a point of intensity so great that it will literally destroy almost anything it comes into contact with. Theoretically, he has become invulnerable to all outside forces, and has strength surpassing any measurable limit. Ideally, he would also be able to exert himself free of fatigue indefinitely, but at this level of power the exposure to his own radiation should destroy his physical form in no more than a few hours.

Gabriel is fluent in English, and has a basic understanding of German and French.




None yet

[b]Marvel Comics[/b] – [i]Victor Creed[/i]


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Gabriel Jensen
Gabriel Jensen

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Re: Jensen, Gabriel

Post  Dante Noel on Sat Jul 21, 2012 6:49 pm


1) Being able to lift 2 tons without your power is a little extreme, thats more then most mid sized cars. To put it in perspective the worlds "strongest man" is only able to lift 873 lbs. Maybe the 2 tons can be with his power active? You can always increase it as you level. Besides you already have more then enough to ripe a man in two, or punch holes in concrete walls with that, what more could a man ask for?

Other then that one small thing this character is more then ready to do some damage^^ Cant wait to see him played o3o
Dante Noel
Dante Noel

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Re: Jensen, Gabriel

Post  Dante Noel on Sat Jul 21, 2012 7:08 pm


This is one scary character that i never want to meet in a bright lit, crowded area!! Let alone anyplace remotely ally like XD LOVE HIM!!
Dante Noel
Dante Noel

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Re: Jensen, Gabriel

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