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Noel, Dante

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Noel, Dante

Post  Dante Noel on Fri Jul 20, 2012 7:46 am


”Death is a very dull, dreary affair, and my advice to you is to have nothing whatsoever to do with it or with me.”


Dante Eliwood Noel









Standing before you is a man that looks both sickly and athletic, and your not really sure how he pulls that off! Standing just under six feet tall and weighing around a hundred and thirty pounds he's as you can imagine a rather lanky individual with more arm and leg then he rightly knows what to do with. All in all it makes him seem slightly awkward and storkish(Totally a word >.>).

His face is actually quite feminine looking with high cheek bones and long lashes that accent his greenish blue eyes and to top it off his curly blond hair doesn't help matters much. He has extraordinarily pail skin, almost sickly in fact and no matter how much he sleeps he always has dark rings under his eyes. All in all it gives him an almost menacing air that he honestly does try to off set with his clothing.

Dante tries to wear nonthreatening cloths... But his idea of nonthreatening is just a little off. White, almost everything he wears is white, because it reminds the majority of the world of purity and evokes feelings of calmness right? He splashes other colors into his wardrobe such as calm cool greens and blues to help people think of him as something not to be feared....What he doesn't realize is that all those calm and cool colors just highlight the fact that he looks pale and sickly almost like a walking corpse!



Hes not dead!! The dead cant dance and have no since of rhythm!! Dave can dance and hes like a graceful swan!! Show em Dave!!" The dead man does...The monster mash... And he does it with style!" See he can dance and has rhythm there for hes not dead!!"

It is said that the hardships we go threw in our daily lives serve to shape us and make us what we are, and this may be true. But what happens when those hardships dont shape you, and instead they break you? Well one only needs to look at Dante to see how that turns out. Hes a full grown man with unbelievable powers and ability's, yet when faced with what most would consider simple problems he breaks down and refuses to face them, or to acknowledge there existence. At least when it comes from problems involving fellow human beings, when faced with anything that doesn't involve directly interacting with people well... To say he can handle any challenge posed to him may be a bit of an understatement.

Now for the most part the necromancer is a silent, almost sullen individual who just doesn't get people, and the harder he tries to relate with other the worse he seems to come off and this has lead him to become unhealthily attached to his undead companion "Dave". The only other person he ever wants to interact with is his "brother" Devlin who he sees as a hero.

The Necromancer: Death is a fascinating thing that holds so many mystery's that haven't been unlocked or explored, and its the one thing in this world that is certain. Everything dies, Men,women, Animals, children, plants and even gods cease to exists given enough time. This mystery has lead Dante to seek out and explore the secrets of death and the dead, and threw it he hopes to better understand the living.

A Student of Humanity: No matter what Dante is doing, or how pressing the circumstance Dante makes a point of learning anything and everything he can about what makes people people, this is what lead to his interest in anthropology and languages.

The Killer: Everyone has a breaking point, and once your past it theres just no turning back. Sadly Dante reached that point a long while back, long before he he escaped the prison that was his home for the majority of his life. Killing someone is....Just not that big a deal to him, and hey if it turns out he was wrong and the person was needed alive, well he can always just bring them back right?

To somerise this Dante is:

-and loving


Dante... Escaped? Or did he? There was no way he could have made it out on his own..That night is so muddled for him and hard to piece together that he cant really remember. He was freed(He thinks) and sent into the unforgiving world of the living with no warning at all, and some how in all the confusion he found him self out side the complex fallowing after the others, wondering what this big nothingness above him was. A haze that must have lasted for days at least because the next coherent memory he has is of walking off the boarding ramp of a plane...In what he some how knew to be Cairo Egypt.

Who had brought him there? Who had cared enough to save him? He would ask him self those question as he stood there among a crowed of people...Seemingly alone. But was he? The answer was simply no. Someone must have gotten him there but who? Who would have cared enough to save him? Help him? Who was this guardian angel? That question was answered rather abruptly as a man set a hand on his shoulder and started to steer Dante out out the airport terminal and
into the blistering Egyptian sun.

What happened next... Surprised Dante, The man (Whos name he soon found out was Devlin) showed something he had heard about, hell he showed something he had dreamed about. Devlin showed him kindness, and to this day he still doesn't know why. You might have thought money would be an issue =, but with their combined skills and a drive to survive they managed well enough and soon Dante was set up with an apartment and both of them had what you might call "borrowed" identity's. This not only opened a whole host of opportunities for both of them(And Dante in particular) but they could now, for the first time actually live.

With his new found identity and freedom Dante took to prowling local university's and found him self enchanted with the study of dead and dying cultures. So with a few minor modifications to his credentials he set him self up as a graduate student, and has been living a mostly care free life doing the work he loves. The only thing to ever take him from his studies where the visits from his foster brother.





- Humans are complicated, random, and highly chaotic creatures and for most people it takes a life time of study to understand why people do what they do. Luckily Dante has an innate understanding of what makes people people, and why they do what thy do. This sadly does not help him relate with others, in fact it helps alienate him farther.
- Is a natural polyglot.
- Is a highly intelligent individual with an IQ of 168.
- Highly athletic and deceptively strong, years spent digging up tombs and exploring pyramids will do that to you.
- His innate understanding of people has lead him to the study anthropology, with a focus in archaeology and linguistic anthropology.
- Some "on the job" combat training. Nothing fancy but he knows how to shoot a gun, throw and take a punch but nothing overtly fancy.
- Has a Zombie body guard named Dave that happened to be an executioner in life...Good news is he doesn't smell, bad news is he looks freaky in his trench coat.


- He's kinda morbid... who would have guessed?
- Prone to seizures.
- Is agoraphobic (afraid of wide open spaces)
- Not a people person! He would rather be hanging with the dead, then spend time with the living. Maybe this is a side effect of his power, or maybe its what shaped his power. We may never know.
- When stressed or under pressure he vocalizes his inner thoughts.
- Has an imaginary friend named "Bianca" and well its kinda a sore spot for him.
- HAS A ZOMBIE BODY GUARD!! He may not look that dead but hes still DEAD!
-Cares vary little for human life


Necromancy is a claimed form of magic involving communication with the deceased – either by summoning their spirit as an apparition or raising them bodily – for the purpose of divination, imparting the means to foretell future events or discover hidden knowledge.

Necromancy :: Primary :: Duty Before Rest :: The Unquiet Corpse - The most basic power of necromancy is the ability to animate the dead, giving them the semblance of life. For what ever reason the serum gave Dante the ability to animate and control corpses. At this point this is vary limited control and consists of giving simple verbal commands upon their "resurrection" (Dont let anyone but me into this room, Kill the intruders, Protect me). Obviously the older the corpse is the less effective it will be since rigor-mortis would have sent in limiting there range of motion. When this power is activated the processes the causes rigor-mortis and decomposition stop, preserving the corpse in what ever state it was in when this power is activated and whats more if given enough time any wounds inflicted post-mortem seem to disappear .

Zombie Advantages

  • Undead monsters just wont stop going, unless they are completely and utterly dismembered they just wont stop.
  • Human or inhuman limitations no longer mater, they go 110% at all times.
  • Don't need to eat, drink, or sleep, and, what's more, can't be bribed!
  • And lets not forget that they are ZOMBIES! Most normal and not so normal people would run for there lives when faced with these monsters.

Zombie Disadvantages

  • Can only control up to five zombies at a time.
  • Has to touch a corpse to quicken it.
  • The reanimated corpses must stay with in 100 meters of Dante at all time.
  • VERY VERY DUMB! I mean they really can think or problem solve, they act purely on what you could call "Instinct".
  • Dante's gift allows to create ONE eternal companion at a time, all other Zombies cease to work after ten minutes.

Necromancy :: Secondary :: Voice of the Soul :: Clamor of the Departed

Necromancy :: Tertiary :: Touch of the Grave :: The Ashen Grasp

Necromancy :: Final :: Death's Grasp Broken :: Remembrance of the Flesh

Speaks fluent Arabic, German, English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin), Greek, Latin




First Character

[b]Shaman King[/b] – [i]Faust[/i]

Capiorcorpus(Corpse Taker) or anything else you guys can come up with.

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Re: Noel, Dante

Post  Maxim Jensen on Tue Jul 24, 2012 2:30 am

Archive date is the 2nd.


"I'm a runaway train on a broken track, I'm the ticker on the bomb that you can't turn back this time."

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Re: Noel, Dante

Post  Gabriel Jensen on Wed Jul 25, 2012 8:22 pm


I'm moving this to the completed section because everything is in order, but I personally recommend you elaborate on why exactly he is "prone to seizures." However, this was something I figured might be elaborated on through the RP itslef.


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Re: Noel, Dante

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