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Shernaston, Ernest "Panic"

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Shernaston, Ernest "Panic"

Post  Panic on Fri Jul 20, 2012 4:28 am


”Mr Jensen, if you please. I know it seems harsh, maybe even unreasonable, but you know I wouldn't suggest it if it wasn't in our best interests.”


Ernest "Panic" Shernaston








Panic is a curious figure; his face is bony and exceedingly pale, the whiteness making it seem more like a mask than a real face, save for his eyes. They are like black beads, set together quite closely, peering out from under a hard brow. His hair is a messy greyish blonde. All over him he seemed grey, as if someone had painted him over with thin paint; every colour was there but it was subdued and dull. As tall as he is, it would be difficult to call him lanky due to not really having the neck for it; despite being adroit in the rest of his frame, Panic is high shouldered to a degree just short of malformed. He can be extremely nimble and has the body for it, which thin but strong arms and legs that make him appear a lot taller than he actually is. He walks as if he’s stooped over, courtesy of the high shoulders, shuffling quickly from scene to scene. In his ‘solid’ form, he becomes a lot more compact and smaller; his arms and legs become shorter but stockier and look harder, and he moves slowly. In ‘liquid’ form, he appears as a pink treacle-like liquid, thick and sticky. In ‘gas’ form, he appears as a concentrated cloud of pink fog hovering around in mid-air. He speaks slowly, with a great deal of sophistication and consideration in his voice, but it sounds quite low and harsh even when he's being light of heart.

Gaia, on the whole, is a group that emphasises freedom at all costs. But if there’s one solitary, hardened bone in the force, it’s Panic. Unlike many of its members, Panic is cold with a capital C. He’s machine-like in his efficiency and analysis, both as the second in command of Gaia and in his general demeanour. He rarely shows emotion, and when he does it’s always understated; he’ll twitch his lip rather than smile, he’ll frown instead of weep, he’ll smirk rather than laugh. The only emotion that he will ever raise his voice in is anger, but even then it takes a lot to get him to that level. He’s annoyed easily and riled rarely, but when he gets angry, he can become extremely brutal, loud and punishing. His general manner, otherwise, is a very deadpan but charming nature, one with a silver tongue. He is a fantastic liar, able to worm his way into anyone’s favour with a charismatic, calm and considered approach. He’s a master of the bluff, the lie and the charm, making friends with everyone and painting himself as an analytical, sophisticated and logical man.

Panic is a tremendously efficient leader, but a cold and harsh one; he micro-manages Gaia with an iron boot and neither fully trusts or respects anyone under or against him. If someone fails, he won’t give them a second chance. If someone dies, they weren’t good enough. If someone gives complaint, they will break the system apart and must be crushed out like a cancer. For all of this, he is a remarkable strategist, with an eye for the smallest detail that others will have missed, and able to use logical reasoning and the very limit of every resource he has to solve any puzzle or crack any solution. He’s also able to keep a façade of sophisticated likeability to charm others into doing what he wants, and knowing that as cold as he is he’s at least got his reasons.

All of this efficiency and brutality in administration makes it quite surprising that Panic, when it comes to combat, is very much the coward. If the odds are stacked against him, he’ll throw everyone he’s got ahead of him before making his escape, and he’ll refuse to fight a fair fight. He much prefers to sneak, trick and lie his way out of trouble, and if he ever needs to fight, he’ll backstab, struggle and fight dirty. He’ll do absolutely anything and everything to save his own skin, even surrendering and offering information or services in exchange for his life.

Panic is also a man with his own agenda; as much as he proclaims his loyalty to Gaia and has painted the picture into everyone’s mind of the brutal but fair second-in-command dedicated to the cause, Panic is dedicated to only one cause; his own. More specifically, the causes of his wallet, his power and his control. He’s just as interested in gathering the Children into Gaia as Maxim Jensen is, but only for one purpose; to study and take their powers for his own, before duplicating them and selling them to the highest bidder, though still leaving him at the top of the pack. As deranged and sociopathic as his goal is, he’s got the ambition and drive to keep focused on that goal, the charisma and charm to hide that goal and, most worryingly, the brains and brutality to pull it off.

Panic barely remembers the breakout at Tartarus. Anything before that is lost forever in his memory. He just woke up one day on a plane to London, his hood down and someone urgently whispering everything they knew about the Children; who they were, how many, what had happened. In his weary, half asleep state, Panic was only able to pick up that The Children were created by Typhon, they all had unique powers, and he was one of them. The moment the plane landed, the figure who explained all of this to him had long gone, and Panic himself was much too weary and groggy to remember much more. He staggered into London Airport aimlessly, with no idea of where to go or what to do, until he saw Typhon militants approaching him. Something like intuition, possibly another lost memory in his subconscious, told him that they were bad news, and he desperately willed himself out of there. Luckily, he was standing over a drain, so he turned into liquid and vanished without a trace.

It was years before Panic showed up again. He had been hiding amongst the highest in British society, using his sharp silver tongue to get himself into positions of wealth and comfort, and was able to wrap a lot of powerful people around his finger, getting as much information on the Children as he could. Panic certainly enjoyed the rich life, but he knew it could be better, and the powers of the Children were key to that goal. He decided that if he could get all of the Children together, he could recreate their powers for sale to anyone who wanted them; after all, if they could be made once, he could make them again. During this time, he kept exploring the extent of his powers, getting more and more adept at changing between states of matter.

Of course, amongst his biggest obstacle was Typhon, who once again found him. However, with his honed powers, avoiding the militants was easy for Panic; the problem was finding somewhere to hide. He ended up in the room of another member of the Children; the one and only Gaia leader Maxim Jensen. The clairvoyant had not predicted Panic’s presence, but Panic was able to use his silver tongue to convince Maxim that he would be of great use as a second-in-command Gaia, which Panic saw as a great opportunity to gather as many Children as he could for his ultimate goal.




  • Is a brilliant escape artist.
  • An amazing liar, and very good at charming people.
  • An analytical and clever tactician.
  • A keen eye, often noticing things others have not in general conversation or in rooms.
  • Dogged and determined, but still knows when to quit.

  • A coward, quick to flee from battle and puts his life above others.
  • Despite being sophisticated, his slave driving nature and coldness can make him seem extremely heartless.
  • Quick to dismiss the opinions and suggestions of others.

POWER: Tangibility; Sublimation, Melting, Vaporisation, Freezing, Deposition and Condensation.

Panic’s power is transition of states; he can change from a solid to a liquid or a gas at will, and vice versa. He has four states of being;
As a normal human being. This is his default form, and the one that exerts on him the least.
As a solid. This is definitely his toughest form. Here, he becomes a lot more compact, and usually smaller. He’s slower than in normal form, but a lot stronger.
As a liquid. This is an odd form, to say the least. Panic becomes a pinkish liquid, thick as treacle but not as sticky, in this form he encompasses about a cubic metre in volume. He can control where he flows when he’s on a flat surface, but if moved in a certain direction by either a person or slanted terrain, he’ll be forced that way. He can be split apart and survive, and control separate parts of his liquid form in multiple directions, but every bit of him must come together to turn back to normal or solid forms.
As a gas cloud. Panic has to stay as a single cloud, pretty much, though if he’s split he’ll instantly form back into one with no damage to himself. He can’t be separate if he wants to change to another form, and he can be blown around by strong gusts, but in a room with no wind, or in weather conditions of only light wind, he can control his own movement and shape.
While Panic can shift between states pretty much at will, he cannot shift parts of his body; if he wants to be liquid, all of him has to be a liquid.

Panic can speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Afrikaans and dabbles a little in German though is not as fluent in German as with other languages. He can also understand and "speak" sign language.




None as of yet.

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Re: Shernaston, Ernest "Panic"

Post  Maxim Jensen on Sat Jul 21, 2012 11:04 pm


This means I get to come up with a custom rank myself >:D
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