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Information: Points & Leveling

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Information: Points & Leveling

Post  Maxim Jensen on Thu Jul 19, 2012 11:34 am


Points are the currency of TDC. Simply put, you'll be spending these during your time here.


There are a number of ways to rack up points.

- 3 points will be given per IC post automatically.
- 5 points will be given to each participant of an IC thread upon the thread's completion.
- A pre-determined number of points will be given to people winning competitions.
- 3 points per IC Event post and a pre-determined number for each character upon event completion.


- Leveling from Primary to Secondary costs 150 points.
- Leveling from Secondary to Tertiary costs 150 points.
- Leveling from Tertiary to Final costs 300 points.
- Purchasing a sub-forum of your own design costs 50 points and requires you be at least Tertiary-level.
- Purchasing a faction of your own construction (with a separate roster and colour) costs 150 points requires you be at least Final-level.


Leveling up characters allows them to unlock new abilities in their profile, which are edited in and then re-judged. Leveling up works differently dependent upon your character's class, but a character's level signifies their power, experience, skill, and ability to fight. E.g. a Final-level against a Tertiary-level will almost always have the Final-level win, etc.

- Children gain another branch of their powers, more powerful than the last.
- Tier One and Two Executioners gain another branch of their physical abilities, more powerful than the last.
- Tier Three Executioners gain another branch of their physical abilities and the opportunity to synthesise themselves with another animal's DNA.
- Tier One Militants gain nothing from leveling up and are simply placed on-par with another of their level. You have been notified.
- Tier Two and Three Militants gain another branch of their powers, more powerful than the last, and become more physically powerful.

Levelling up does give you an opportunity to edit your sign-up to be more up-to-date with your character. Of course, you can ask for this normally, but it's required you add an additional 100+ words to history and personality upon levelling up, alongside another paragraph for the next tier of your power. Once all this is complete, post in the thread again stating that it's ready for re-review, and we'll get to it when we can.

Should you want to add more weapons to your character's arsenal at any time, ask to have your Weaponry and Equipment application pulled out. This doesn't require you to level up, and will be reviewed regardless, though the same guidelines on posting for re-review still stand.
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